Champions Decided in Rain Shortened 2017 OVGA City & District Junior Championship

The story should be about the Ottawa Valley Golf Association and its 2017 Junior City & District Championships held at Dragonfly Golf Links and Mississippi Golf Club on July 10th and 11th.

Unfortunately, as has been the case for many events in the Ottawa area this year, we also have to talk about the weather and its effect on the various championships.

Three championships were decided on the golf course before the sky opened up and unleashed a torrential downfall of rain.

Lauren Gervais from the Kanata Golf & Country Club was able to post a two-round total score of 180 (93-87) to win the Girls Pee Wee Division. Isabella Ferguson from the eQuinelle Golf Club finished in second place with her two -round total score of 186 (96-90).

In the Girls Bantam Division Royal Ottawa’s Isabella Landry (93-86-179) was victorious and she was followed in second place by Rivermead’s Madeleine Pytura (87-94-181).

Renfrew’s Carter Jarrett was the winner in the Pee Wee Boys Division with his two-day score of 162 (79-83). Second place went to Rideau View’s Luke Seaman (81-89-170) followed closely by GreyHawk’s Andrew Milloy (86-85-171).

And then the call went out from the officials to bring everyone in off the golf course as lightning was on the radar and far too close for comfort. Acting swiftly, course officials sounded their horns to bring almost everyone off the course except one group stranded at the 13th tee shelter. Thank goodness for modern technology as the group was able to get a message to the clubhouse via Twitter and a fleet of carts was dispatched to bring them in.

Now, the wait began.

OVGA Junior Development Director Jim Davidson was determined to finish the second round of the Junior City & District Championships but at 7pm he had to announce reluctantly that the second rounds for Junior Divisions not finished at the Mississippi Golf Club would be wiped out and Championships would be declared based on first round scores from Dragonfly Golf Links.

In the Boys Bantam Division, three players had finished the first round with scores of 79. Using the Golf Canada Retrogression Procedure, Royal Ottawa’s James Newton was declared the City & District Bantam Champion followed by Eagle Creek’s Ty Rouse and Mississippi’s Ellis Kinnaird.

Carleton Golf & Yacht Club’s Dylann Armstrong was the winner of the Girls Juvenile Division with her score of 74. This score also gave her low junior girl for the tournament. In the Juvenile Division, Kanata’s Chelsea Fracke finished second with her score of 90 and in third place was Camelot’s Karianne Lefebvre with her score of 98.

The Juvenile Boys Championship Trophy was awarded to Rideau View’s Malcolm Simpson who posted a first round score of 73. This score also gave him first place in the overall Junior Boys Championship. Three juniors were tied for second place and by retrogression once again Rivermead’s Mikael Pageau took the spot followed by Camelot’s Brandon White. Out of the prizes after using the retrogression procedure was Kanata Golf & Country Club’s Zachary Wylie.

Haley Yerxa from the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club took home the Aileen Bleakney Junior Girls Division Championship Trophy with her score of 76 from the first round.

Jared Coyle from the Carleton Golf & Yacht Club took home the J. E. Caldwell Junior Boys City & District Championship Trophy for the second consecutive year with his posted first round score of 75. Second place went to Cornwall’s Nicolas Valiquette (79) followed by eQuinelle’s Logan Henry (82).

Congratulations to the OVGA Officials and Referee’s for another job well done, especially in getting everyone off the golf course at Mississippi Golf Club in a timely manner.

Next up for the OVGA Juniors is their Junior Intersectionals on July 23.


Of note, (Ed. Note – Joe is a former President and Tournament Director for the OVGA) I feel it is unfortunate that retrogression has to be used to decide a championship title. It would be nice to see co-champions declared with all players getting their names on the trophy if a playoff cannot occur. And now, with four divisions for both boys and girls, it might be appropriate to see a trophy made available for each division with an overall Championship trophy for the boys and girls. The looks on the faces of winners who did not have a trophy to hold for the second year in a row tells it all.

Final Leaderboards

Junior Boys

Pos Player +/- Thru Total
1 Jared Coyle  Carleton Golf & Yacht +3 F 75
2 Nicolas Valiquette  Cornwall +7 F 79
3 Logan Henry  eQuinelle Golf Club +10 F 82
4 Tahir Shamji  Rideau View GC +15 F 87
5 Matt Andersen  Hylands Golf Club +22 F 94

Juvenile Boys

Pos Player +/- Thru Total
1 Malcolm Simpson  Rideau View GC +1 F 73
2 Mikael Pageau  Rivermead GC +5 F 77
3 Brandon White  Camelot G & CC +5 F 77
4 Zachary Wylie  Kanata G&CC +5 F 77
5 Hunter McGee  Kanata G&CC +6 F 78
6 Alexander Brisebois  Kanata G&CC +6 F 78
7 Johnny Howie  Kanata G&CC +8 F 80
8 Jakob Wiskowski  Kanata G&CC +9 F 81
9 Gregory Schaepper  Mountain Creek +9 F 81
10 Daniel Costea  Smiths Falls +10 F 82
11 Daniel Ryan  Rideau View GC +11 F 83
12 Zachary Payer  Rockland GC +11 F 83
13 David Denis  Hylands Golf Club +11 F 83
14 Will Bellamy  Perth Golf Course +13 F 85
15 Vincent Prud’homme  Rivermead GC +14 F 86
16 Aiden Coyle  Carleton Golf & Yacht +15 F 87
17 Owen Walsh  Rideau View GC +15 F 87
18 Salvatore Guido  Rideau View GC +15 F 87
19 Brayden Valiquette  Cornwall +16 F 88
20 Ian Alexander  Rideau View GC +17 F 89
21 Johnathan Rivington  Perth Golf Course +17 F 89
22 Ryan Baker  Hylands Golf Club +18 F 90
23 Caelan Barber  Pembroke +18 F 90
24 William Collins  Rideau View GC +20 F 92
25 Carter Stone  Canadian G&CC +22 F 94
26 Ryan Papp  Rideau View GC +24 F 96

Bantam Boys

Pos Player +/- Thru Total
1 James Newton  The Royal Ottawa GC +7 F 79
2 Ty Rouse  Eagle Creek GC +7 F 79
3 Ellis Kinnaird  Mississippi +7 F 79
4 Mathis Rollin  Rockland GC +11 F 83
5 Ross Cleary  The Royal Ottawa GC +12 F 84
6 Caelan Sammy  Stonebridge GC +12 F 84
7 Matthieu Massicotte  Rivermead GC +13 F 85
8 Thomas Wren  Carleton Golf & Yacht +14 F 86
9 Dylan Pederson  Whitetail +16 F 88
10 Derek Aspila  Camelot G & CC +16 F 88
11 Kaleb Clemmer  Renfrew GC +19 F 91
12 Jake McBride  Kanata G&CC +20 F 92
13 Jack Beaulieu  Canadian G&CC +24 F 96
14 Connor Elliot  Hylands Golf Club +25 F 97
15 Connor Dickey  Rideau View GC +25 F 97
16 Jayden Proulx  Hylands Golf Club +31 F 103
17 Aidan Penney  Rideau View GC +32 F 104

Pee-Wee Boys

Pos Player Today Thru Total R1 R2 Total
1 Carter Jarrett  Renfrew GC +11 F +18 79 83 162
2 Luke Seaman  Rideau View GC +17 F +26 81 89 170
3 Andrew Milloy  GreyHawk GC +13 F * +27 86 85 171
4 Owen Nightingale  Rideau View GC +20 F +27 79 92 171
5 Ashton Proulx  Hylands Golf Club +21 F * +43 94 93 187
6 Connor Boehme  Rideau View GC +23 F +50 99 95 194
7 Yaorui Xu  Ottawa Hunt & GC +23 F +65 114 95 209

Junior Girls

Pos Player +/- Thru Total
1 Haley Yerxa  Ottawa Hunt & GC +4 F 76

Juvenile Girls

Pos Player +/- Thru Total
1 Dylann Armstrong  Carleton Golf & Yacht +2 F 74
2 Chelsea Fracke  Kanata G&CC +18 F 90
3 Karianne Lefebvre  Camelot G & CC +26 F 98
4 Kylen Ridyard  Hylands Golf Club +29 F 101
5 Gabrielle Landriault  Summerheights Golf Links +29 F 101

Bantam Girls

Pos Player Today Thru Total R1 R2 Total
1 Isabella Landry  The Royal Ottawa GC +13 F +34 93 86 179
2 Madeleine Pytura  Rivermead GC +21 F +36 87 94 181

Pee-Wee Girls

Pos Player Today Thru Total R1 R2 Total
1 Lauren Gervais  Kanata G&CC +14 F * +35 93 87 180
2 Isabella Ferguson  eQuinelle Golf Club +27 F * +51 96 100 196


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