Chasing The Ultimate Photo

Golf journalists come in all types. Some write for local papers, some craft their words exclusively for electronic publications or magazines, while others toil in a variety of mixed media ranging from video to graphic design.

As a golfer first and then a member of the media I have always been interested in the capture of that “perfect golf moment” in a photograph. It is hard to argue the beauty of a stunning golf course photo.

With the Canadian golf season now in full swing and the foliage in full bloom, I finally have the opportunity to snap a few golf-related pictures.

It can be painful work to not only “see” the right image but capturing it effectively can also be a challenge. Of course, there is a wide variety image enhancing software out there to dress up your pictures but it feels a little like cheating. For me, the best images are those created right there in the camera, not at a desk at a later time.

A few weeks ago, I got lucky and nailed “one of those” images. I was travelling to Renfrew, Ontario, Canada and standing outside the pro shop of the Renfrew Golf Club I took a look over to their 18th hole. Then I ran for my camera!!

Now you know why…Isn’t golf great?

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