Cleveland Golf Adds Black Satin Finish To CBX 2 Wedge Line

Cleveland CBX 2 Black Satin

The every-day golfer often gets left behind when it comes to options in popular golf club designs. Let’s face it, no matter how you play the game, it’s nice to get the club finish and look you want to complete your bag and make it feel like your own.

Take the Cleveland CBX wedge line, for example. When introduced it headed in a different direction than many short game clubs on the market. Recognizing that the average golfer has different challenges than the better player, the cavity back models with wider soles focussed on making play easier for players with less than perfect swings.

“The Cleveland CBX wedge line has been a revolution for wedges,” said Mike Powell, President of North America Sales and Marketing at Cleveland Golf. “The Cleveland CBX 2 has made the short game easier, and now golfers will have expanded options when choosing their wedges with the new Black Satin release.”

The release he speaks of is a stealthy new finish available for the CBX 2 wedges that will be available on December 18, 2021 in North America.

It’s mostly a style move but there are notable benefits, golfers will also find that the darkened look is both glare-free and also makes the clubheads have the visual illusion of being more compact at address.

The new finish adds another option to the original Tour Satin variation that was offered.

The Cleveland CBX 2 wedges are offered in a variety of different lofts and sole grinds. The V-Shaped Sole grind is offered in 46°- 52° lofts. Meanwhile, the S-Shaped Sole grind is offered in 54° and 56° lofts, while the C-Shaped Sole grind is offered in 58° and 60° lofts. The wedges are available in left and right-handed options.



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