Cleveland Golf Set To Introduce New CBX ZipCore Wedges

As much as Cleveland Golf has done to expand to expand their reputation within the golf business, it’s hard to shake their roots. The brand came to fame in the wedge category and they are leaning into that with their latest introductions – new versions of the CBX line of wedges, the CBX ZipCore.

This is the third generation of the CBX wedges, a product brought to life to address the needs of golfers who already play cavity back irons.

That’s not always something you see happen, and Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development at Cleveland Golf, says that should change.

“If you play cavity back irons, you should be playing a CBX wedge, plain and simple,” says Brunski, “The sole is more forgiving, the face is more forgiving, and it’s easier to swing.”

The latest iteration of the wedges uses a low-density core in the middle of the clubheads, the “ZipCore”. Its purpose is to shift mass, the center of gravity, and stabilize the clubhead in all directions, more than the previous editions.

Like the “better-player” RTX ZipCore wedges, the CBZ version uses the new Cleveland UltiZip Grooves. The company says the grooves are noticeably sharper, deeper, and closer together. The latter circumstances allows for the addition of two more grooves to help disperse more materials that could come between the ball and face, creating the potential for more friction.

Options for golfers in the wedges huge range of lofts and grinds to best suit a wide array of golfers. They include: V-Shaped Sole (44°- 52° for Men’s, 48°- 52° for Women’s), S-Shaped Sole (54°- 56°), C-Shaped Sole (58°- 60°).

“We’ve included all the same technology and spin performance that we offer to our Tour staff and put it into the CBX ZipCore,” Brunski added. “It’s no wonder the entire line of CBX wedges has been so successful – it’s Tour technology built into a wedge made for real golfers.”

The wedges will be available in both steel and graphite shafts. They arrive at retail in North America on December 17, 2021.

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