Club Champion Acquires Tour Experience Golf As Both Brands Looks To Expand Canadian Reach

Founder Ian Fraser addresses the invited guests at the Tour Experience Golf Grand Opening in April, 2017

One of the leading brands in the business of golf club-fitting in Canada is on the path to more growth. Toronto-based Tour Experience Golf (TXG) has revealed a partnership with U.S.-based club fitting giant Club Champion. The move will provide the backing for TXG, under an acquisition by Club Champion, to expand across Canada while maintaining the brand identity they established when they opened in 2016 in northeast Toronto. They had recently added a Mississauga location.

“They’ll be no departure from our vision of day one,” shared the principal face and founder of TXG, Ian Fraser during a live presentation online.

“I’ve not been as excited about the direction of the brand since those early days,” he added. “It will provide a chance to move into new markets. It gives us resources that we could have only dreamt of.”

The merger comes after a long period of admiration from both sides. It provides a chance for Illinois-based Club Champion to move into the Canadian market, and to do it with the lead of a popular and high-respected Canada-based operation.

“We share a similar belief that every golfer deserves the best possible equipment for their game, and now we get to work together to further that message,” Fraser commented in a Club Champion media release. “This represents a massive opportunity for the TXG brand; the intent behind this merger is to further expand custom club fitting services across the Canadian golf market and to bring some crossover to the fitting content available for all golfers from both brands.”

“We are incredibly excited to bring Ian and his crew into the Club Champion family,” added Nick Sherburne, co-founder of Club Champion. “We’re looking forward to bringing the best of both our capabilities together to serve every golfer.”

Club Champion already has 90 locations across the United States after a rapid growth period, and is planning a further international expansion in 2022.

TXG will operate under the same branding and umbrella. There is no word as of yet about where and when expansion of their fitting studios will take place, but in a YouTube live broadcast on Monday, Fraser notably mentioned markets like Calgary, Vancouver, and Ottawa as ones where they have had strong demand from both live customers and consumers who tune in to their popular YouTube Channel that has more than 175,000 followers.

Club Champion will look to build on that digital presence of TXG, marrying their own efforts with it to try and grow both brands.

“We’ve got a podcast, they’ve got a podcast. They’ve got awesome video content and we’ve only just started dipping our toes into that lake,” says Adam Levy, CEO of Club Champion. “This partnership is about so much more than just the masterful club fitting and building services we both offer. It’s about bringing two of the most prominent names in the golf equipment industry together to promote the best possible clubs, the best possible experience, and the best possible service you can find this side of a Tour card.”

For those TXG brand loyalists concerned about how an acquisition will affect TXG, Fraser assures, “We’ll be exactly as you found us on day one; we don’t know any other way to do it.” Ian Fraser. “We have the full support from Club Champion to do exactly what we have been doing, and more.”

“Literally, we are now only limited by our imagination, which is an exciting place to be.”

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