Club Fitting 101

by Gord Percy, CPGA Head Professional, Carleton Golf & Yacht Club

Club fitting is a process to help an individual find the specifications and type of equipment that will enable them to play and improve their golf game.  If a golfer has poorly fitted equipment they will learn to adapt to it over time by making adjustments to their set-up and swing that will cause bad habits and compensations to develop.  Here are some tips that I believe are of fundamental importance when purchasing new equipment and why you should get fit for all of your clubs.

Club fitting should be done in a dynamic setting (versus static, which is just measuring) where you can see ball flight and are able to also feel the results of hitting different makeups of clubs.  You should also visually learn what a correct flight pattern looks like especially with drivers (launch monitor fitting sessions are very good for this).

Club fitting should be done with a trained golf professional that can distinguish what effects the golfers swing versus the equipment are having on their results (teaching and fitting go hand in hand).  Being fit by an experienced fitting professional that knows your swing can be very beneficial.

Because all the manufacturing companies have different standards for their equipment it is imperative when purchasing clubs to be fit and demo if possible the product to make sure you get what is best for your game.  Make sure you like the look and feel of the clubs you test.

> Don’t let ego get in the way of getting equipment that will help you.

> Most amateurs still tend to use not enough loft on drivers and too long a shaft on drivers.

> Don’t try to use too stiff of a shaft or the one you see tour professionals using

> Use cavity back golf clubs – a majority of even professionals use them now (who doesn’t want forgiveness)

> Don’t get stuck on the idea of a traditional set makeup.  You will likely be better off with more woods or hybrids and extra wedges where you along with putting use most of your strokes

Well fit clubs won’t necessarily make you a better player immediately but will allow you to put yourself into a starting position from which you can improve your swing and game in the long run.

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