Cobra Golf Introduces KING TOUR Irons

Cobra Golf is leaning on a manufacturing process they’ve previously used to make wedges in an extension of their KING family of player’s irons.

The new KING TOUR irons have clubheads created using Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology. The process is different than traditional casting or forging methods used to form most iron heads.

The set, which is suitable for a wide range of players, have 304 stainless steel heads that are formed from a metal powder. The powder is heated and injected into a mold. The method, called sintering, happens naturally in mineral deposits but is replicated by Cobra for the purpose taking the steel powder, heating it until it becomes liquid, and re-forming it to become a clubhead. The process is exacting, meaning the final finish is a simple hand polishing for a more consistent final product.

Cobra claims by choosing MIM to make these irons, the end result is a head that feels softer, rivalling the feel of a carbon forging,

“We’ve used our MIM process over the past two years to deliver softer and more precisely-shaped designs in our wedges,” said Tom Olsavsky, Vice President of R&D for COBRA Golf. “Now, in response to demand from better players and our Tour staffers, seeking the same benefits in a full set of irons, our R&D team delivered the KING TOUR Irons. These irons are softer than any forged offerings on the market, and like their wedge counterparts, offer better consistency in shaping for more precision shot-making on the course. While soft feel and consistency are important in the short-game, optimizing these attributes throughout an entire iron set will give golfers better performance across a wider range of shot selections.”

The KING TOUR iron is defined as a “Player’s Cavity” iron and playing into that is a head shape with clean lines at address but plenty of technology built in to protect ball speeds away from the “sweetspot”.

The latter is aided by the use of a tungsten weight positioned toward the toe to push the centre of gravity closer to the head’s centre. Behind the face’s centre is a thermoplastic polyurethane insert to help reduce negative vibrations and smooth out the feel.

Embedded within the KING TOUR irons is the COBRA CONNECT powered by Arccos™ system built into Smart grips on each iron. They give the golfer the opportunity to track their shot data and a 90-day free trial of the Arccos Caddie app is included in each set.

The standard KING TOUR irons will sell in a 4-PW configuration in right hand only. A three iron and a gap wedge are available by custom order.

The stock steel shafts are the KBS $-Taper 120 with a set retailing at $1,699 in Canada, They arrive at retail on November 13.



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