David Knight Wins OVGA Masters

Dave Knight wins the 2018 OVGA Masters Championship (Photo: Joe McLean)

Kemptville, Ontario – Should a golf course be labeled paradise, then the players participating in the Ottawa Valley Golf Association (OVGA) Masters Championship at eQuinelle Golf Club in Kemptville, Ontario spent a day in paradise.

With the golf course in great condition thanks to the dedicated work of Chris Vollett and his greenkeeping crew, players enjoyed a manicured course and pristine greens.

It was so much fun for three players that they ended up in a sudden-win playoff starting on the first hole. David Knight from the Hylands Golf Club posted his score of one over par 73 about an hour and a half before Pakenham’s Mike Kelly and Prescott’s Steve Martineau finished their rounds of 73 in the last two groups of the championship.

With his bogey 5 on the first hole, Steve Martineau had to bow out of the playoff after David Knight and Mike Kelly both made their par 4’s.

With his tee shot on the second hole sitting in the center of the fairway about 135 yards out from the green, David Knight was in good position. Mike Kelly’s tee shot found a bunker down the right side with his ball sitting close to the front lip.

First to play, Mike’s bunker shot hit the lip but did bounce forward to about 90 yards out from the green coming to rest on a piece of rough around another bunker. David hit the green with his second shot but rolled off and into some greenside rough.

Mike hit the green with his third shot but unfortunately rolled to the fringe of the green coming to rest against the rough. David’s third shot from the rough ended up about four feet below the hole.

With Mike missing his putt from the fringe and also the comeback putt, David was left with two putts to secure his first championship. He did so with one putt.

When asked about the fact he had to wait a few hours as the leader in the clubhouse, the newly crowned champion said, “It was a little frustrating to wait, that’s for sure but it was fun watching the groups finishing their rounds and checking their scores.”

David Knight is a 20-year member at the Hylands Golf Club in the south end of Ottawa and he carries a handicap of 7 and this was his first big win in OVGA play.

Congratulations to all of the participants in the OVGA Masters Championship and also to the tournament organizers and officials for another job well done.

Full Leaderboard

Pos Player +/- Thru Total
1 David Knight  Orléans, ON (p) +1 F 73
2 Mike Kelly  Ottawa, ON +1 F 73
3 Stephen Martineau  Iroquois +1 F 73
T4 Andre Charlebois  Rockland, ON +3 F 75
T4 Rod Gilks  Kanata, ON +3 F 75
T4 Pierre Lauzon  Ottawa, ON +3 F 75
T4 Mark McBride  Ottawa, ON +3 F 75
T8 John Ackehurst  Ottawa, ON +4 F 76
T8 Michael Farquharson  Kanata +4 F 76
T10 Robin Smith  Pembroke, ON +5 F 77
T10 Dru Lafave  Ottawa, ON +5 F 77
T10 Bill Mason  Ottawa, ON +5 F 77
T13 Paul Gaylard  Ottawa, ON +6 F 78
T13 Ken Loewen  South mountain, ON +6 F 78
T13 Ken Shulha  Greely +6 F 78
T13 Ben Allen  Nepean, ON +6 F 78
T17 Peter Beerli  Carleton Place, ON +7 F 79
T17 Marc Bedard  Hammond +7 F 79
T17 Ken Watson  Ottawa, ON +7 F 79
T20 Perry Freda  Pakenham +8 F 80
T20 Stan Hogan  Gatineau, QC +8 F 80
T20 Rick St-Denis  Gatineau, QC +8 F 80
T20 Derek Maclean  Ashton, ON +8 F 80
T24 Neill Colbert  Ottawa, ON +9 F 81
T24 Mark Payment  Kemptville, ON +9 F 81
T24 Sean Miller  Kemptville +9 F 81
T27 James Ferguson  Orleans, ON +10 F 82
T27 Wenqin Shao  Ottawa, ON +10 F 82
T27 Martin Wells  Kanata, ON +10 F 82
T27 Marc Beauvais  Ottawa, ON +10 F 82
T27 Carlo Bossio  Ottawa, ON +10 F 82
T32 Denis Barsalo  Alexandria, ON +11 F 83
T32 Denis Tremblay  Smiths Falls, ON +11 F 83
T32 Darren McCartney  Ottawa, ON +11 F 83
T32 Allan Sammy  Ottawa +11 F 83
T32 Mike Poloni  Kanata, ON +11 F 83
T32 James Richard  Petawawa, ON +11 F 83
T32 Jason Shreenan  Pembroke +11 F 83
T32 Jeff Moore  Manotick, ON +11 F 83
T40 Farzin Hanifi  Ottawa, ON +12 F 84
T40 Mark Wharton  Ottawa, ON +12 F 84
T42 Johnny Gordon  Gloucester, ON +13 F 85
T42 Al Spadaccini  Manotick +13 F 85
T42 Roger Beckley  Munster, ON +13 F 85
T42 Stephane Lacelle  Gatineau +13 F 85
T42 Michael Coon  Brockville +13 F 85
T47 Andrew Penney  Orleans, ON +15 F 87
T47 Richard Barkley  Williamsburg +15 F 87
T49 Don Miller  Ottawa, ON +16 F 88
T49 Brent Clifford  Pembroke, ON +16 F 88
T49 Jamie Hunter  Greely, ON +16 F 88
T49 Tony Barrow  Orleans, ON +16 F 88
T49 Binh Vi  Ottawa +16 F 88
T54 Pete Stepa  Ottawa +17 F 89
T54 David Spears  Ottawa +17 F 89
T56 Pat O’Flaherty  Arnprior, ON +18 F 90
T56 Marc Rolland  Williamstown +18 F 90
T56 Peter Drevniok  Wakefield, QC +18 F 90
T56 Mark Sullivan  Oxford Station, ON +18 F 90
60 Richard McLean  Ottawa +20 F 92
61 Ruggles Pritchard  Greely, ON +21 F 93
62 Russ Catt  Osgoode +22 F 94
T63 Nicholas Sorella  Laval, QC +23 F 95
T63 Cory MacCallum  Gatineau +23 F 95


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