Day One For New Augusta National Chairman Fred Ridley (Video)

Fred Ridley

Fred Ridley oozes golf pedigree. The Florida native, who played in three Masters tournament due to his success as an amateur golfer, will now oversee the major championship as part of his duties as the new Chairman at the Augusta National Golf Club.

He takes over after Billy Payne announced on August 23rd that he would step down in favour of Ridley.

Ridley begins his reign today, just the seventh person to hold the position in the history of the club.

He released this statement about his ascension to the position:

“Throughout my life, Bobby Jones has been my idol and role model. I remember meeting Clifford Roberts during my first visit to Augusta National as an amateur invitee more than four decades ago. So to become Chairman of Augusta National and the Masters is beyond humbling. I stand ready to embrace the responsibilities that come with this important position, strengthened by the lessons the sport teaches and the example of those who have provided leadership to me over the years.

“As Chairman, I will always look to Jones and Roberts as a source of wisdom and inspiration. I fully subscribe to their mandate of constant improvement and their commitment to maintaining the highest standard in all that we do. I pledge to use my deep-rooted respect for the customs and traditions they established to further elevate our Club and Tournament, while continuing their mission of contributing to the development of the sport around the world.

“I would like to thank Billy Payne, our esteemed Chairman Emeritus, who appointed me as his successor. His confidence in allowing me this honor has already had a profound impact on my life. I am grateful to consider him a friend and mentor, both personally and professionally.”


Need to know more? The Augusta National Golf Club sent out this video via social media today…

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