Dealing With Chips From a Downhill Slope

by Marc Peterson, CPGA Teaching Professional

Chipping from a downhill slope can be a challenge for many golfers.  Unfortunately the tendency on these types of shots is to blade the ball because we swing up on the shot in trying to lift the ball or fat by having too much weight on the back foot.

When playing the downhill shot, set up is critical.  I align my body with the slope of the land.  As a right-handed player, my left shoulder is lower than my right shoulder.  My weight is on the inside of my left foot.  I play the ball back centre in my stance, opening my body and the clubface slightly.  On the backswing I want to make sure that I follow the slope with my arms, always keeping my body aligned with the slope.  Swinging down I make sure I follow through down the slope, keeping the clubface open and as low as possible.  I expect the ball to come out lower than usual with more roll.  I will always take more loft.  For instance I will use a 60 degree lofted wedge as opposed to a 56.  (The slope angle reduces the effective loft of the club)

So remember, align your body with the slope, put most of your weight on the front foot, take a club with more loft and follow the slope during the stroke.

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