Develop Your Putting Touch Indoors or Out With A Progression Drill

Among the major skills needed to be a successful putter is the ability to control your speed. It’s a skill that can be refined through practice, even indoors.

Here’s a drill you can work into your regular routine, and adapt to outside eventually. It’s a progression/ladder drill that develops your touch and speed.

On an indoor putting mat, carpet, or wherever you work on your putting , place a mark of any kind (object, tee, etc) on the surface five feet from you. Place another three feet beyond that.

Have multiple golf balls ready to use but you just need one, at minimum.

Your goal is to roll a first putt past the five foot mark but as close to it as possible. You then roll a subsequent putt just past that one, and follow by doing the same with each additional putt. If you roll your putt short of the previous ball, you have to start all over again.

If you want to use just one ball, you can mark the finishing spot of the previous ball with a coin, moving the coin forward as your putts progress.

The goal is to see how many golf balls you can fit between the two marks. Obviously if you can roll it just past the previous one you will be able to fit more balls into the space. Set a goal and try to better it each time. More balls equals, a better sense of speed.

There are plenty of ways you can adapt this drill and use it to fine tune your motor skills and feel.

When the time is right take it outside and use it there as well.

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