Dolan Takes 4th Title At OVGA Senior Women’s Championships

Diane Dolan
Diane Dolan
Diane Dolan

The Ottawa Valley Golf Association (OVGA) Senior Women’s Championships were played on Tuesday, July 19, on the Greensmere Golf & Country Club Legacy Course designed by the late John Green. The Women’s Championship was split into three divisions based on the total entry in the field and trophies were handed out as each division champion was declared.

First in were the C Division Women with Hyland’s Ann Burns taking home the Mabel Hees “C” Trophy after posting a score of 92 on the par 72 golf course. She was followed by Smiths Falls Helen Wyman (94) and Prescott’s Cheryl Boyd (101).

The winner of the Mabel Hees “B” Trophy with a score of 82 was Rideau View’s Lyne Leclerc. She was followed by Hyland’s Diane Favel who shot 88 and in a tie for third with scores of 92 were Cedarhill’s Susan Gillean and Rideau View’s Sandra Chisholm.

The final Women’s group held the top three low scores in the “A” Division and when the day began they had collectively won the Janet Matthews Trophy eight times since 2005. Teri de Luis has four Senior Championship wins and she finished 2nd with her score of 78. Defending champion Bonnie Wolff from the Carleton Golf & Yacht Club finished in third place with her score of 78.

Taking home the Janet Matthews Trophy for the 4th time was Diane Dolan from the Hylands Golf Club with a score of 76. When asked about her 4th Senior Championship to go along with her 4 City & District Championships, Diane responded – “I think I’m getting better with age. I think I’ve always had a good attitude and I understand the game more and today I was able to relax and let it go, knowing that incredible things can happen even if you have bad shots. I had two balls in the woods today resulting in two doubles and I managed to get two birdies and that was great.”

A Division Leaderboard

Pos Player +/- Thru Total
1 Diane Dolan  Hylands Golf Club +4 F 76
2 Teri De Luis  Brockville CC +5 F 77
3 Bonnie Wolff  Carleton Golf & Yacht +6 F 78
4 Carole Letendre  Algonquin +8 F 80
5 Judy Collins  Hylands Golf Club +10 F 82
6 Christine Lafortune  Sand Point GC +15 F 87
T7 Dale St-Arnaud  Hylands Golf Club +16 F 88
T7 Roxanne Gagné  Larrimac +16 F 88
9 Brenda Pilon  Carleton Golf & Yacht +18 F 90
10 Chantale Belley  Hylands Golf Club +19 F 91
11 Brenda Hart  Mississippi +20 F 92
12 Pauline Walker  Mississippi +21 F 93
13 Mary Shepherd  Greensmere G&CC +23 F 95
14 Sherry Rodenkirch  Greensmere G&CC +25 F 97
15 Lilianne Radford  Smiths Falls +26 F 98

B Division Leaderboard

Pos Player +/- Thru Total
1 Lyne Leclerc  Rideau View GC +10 F 82
2 Diana Favel  Hylands Golf Club +16 F 88
T3 Susan Gillean  Cedarhill +20 F 92
T3 Sandra Chisholm  Rideau View GC +20 F 92
5 Pauline Comeau  Hylands Golf Club +22 F 94
6 DiAnne Lafreniere  Greensmere G&CC +23 F 95
7 Mary Ellen Ward  Hylands Golf Club +24 F 96
8 Liette Desparois  Hylands Golf Club +25 F 97
T9 Marilyn O’Connell  Mississippi +29 F 101
T9 Donna Rennie  Rideau View GC +29 F 101
11 Sandra Iwaniw  Mississippi +33 F 105
12 Jill Weitzel  Greensmere G&CC +35 F 107
13 Gisele Savoie  GlenMar GCC +37 F 109

C Division Leaderboard

1 Ann Burns  Hylands Golf Club +20 F 92
2 Helen Wyman  Smiths Falls +22 F 94
3 Cheryl Boyd  Prescott +29 F 101
4 Lynda Kennedy  Hylands Golf Club +31 F 103
T5 Joan Blois  Hylands Golf Club +32 F 104
T5 Pauline Albert  Canadian G&CC +32 F 104
T5 Christine O’Hara  Renfrew GC +32 F 104
T5 Marion Knox  Renfrew GC +32 F 104
9 Diane Hutton  Canadian G&CC +35 F 107
10 Marilyn Zerr  GlenMar GCC +36 F 108
11 Deborah Zielinski  Smiths Falls +37 F 109
12 Sheila Bush  Cedar Glen GC +38 F 110




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