Guest Blog w/ Elizabeth Tong: There Are Birdies To Be Made!

Elizabeth Tong (Photo: Symetra Tour)

Happy almost summer everyone! I know I haven’t written anything for a while and it’s been because I haven’t really had anything worthwhile to write about! But now I have some good stuff! Find a comfy chair and let the essay begin! 🙂 

So here’s a quick summary of what has happened since my last blog. I’ve played in 3 Symetra Tour tournaments and made the cut in the last 2 I’ve played! 

It’s been an interesting past 2-3 months since I haven’t really been playing a lot of tournaments. I haven’t necessarily been itching to play in tournaments which surprises a lot of people, but it’s because I just enjoy playing golf without trying to achieve a certain score or beat others. And I feel like having more time to just play without being in a tournament has helped me to identify what skills I personally need to get better at as a professional player. 

The past 2 tournaments where I made the cut were at the Valley Forge Invitational in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and the Four Winds Invitational in South Bend, Indiana. Overall, I would give myself a grade of “significantly improved” when it comes to looking at my game as a whole from last year. This is very good in my books, but what does “significantly improved” actually mean? Here are my insights into my own game: 

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