Entrepreneur Sets Sights On Golf

Bernie Williams thought he could do better. It was as simple as that for the eastern Ontario based businessman whose company, B.J. Williams & Associates, has had international success in the refrigeration and air conditioning trade for more than 30 years Analyzing the motorized golf carts he saw on the market he felt that he could apply his skills and create a better product. Enter the Fawxe F36.

“I was looking for a product that meant my standards for build quality, features and such and in the end I couldn’t find one so I decided that I just might have to build it myself,” he tells me in a jovial yet pointed tone one day as we sat in his Kingston, Ontario office. This set Williams off on a journey of discovery utilizing the skills he had fine tuned in his other business dealings – now he was just applying it to another industry, golf. “It had to have the features I wanted but did not see, the result is what we believe is the best caddy you will find in the game.”

It’s a bold statement, for sure, but it is one that Bernie Williams is prepared to back up. “I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it,” he tells me. “I certainly wouldn’t risk my business reputation on it otherwise.” Knowing the stakes, the entrepreneur is fastidious in his attention to detail. He is personally developing a line of green grass only partners who are willing to stand behind his products as much as he would. “We have decided that the pro shops are where we need to be. That is where golf is played and the pros are the most qualified people to be there for the customers.”

Bernie has even gone to the extent of personally preparing each Fawxe cart as the components arrive at their Fawxe Golf Equipment offices. As backing, he even provides a written guarantee and a one year warrantee. “Like we have done in our other business, we want our customers to know we stand behind our products.”

For those familiar with “power trolleys” they will see some noticeable differences in the Fawxe compared to what is on the market today. Featuring a large footprint for greater stability on steep grades, it also sports square tubular steel construction and welded joints. The 40 ampere battery provides plenty of power to not one, but two engines. The Fawxe can even be used manually in case your power ever runs dry. A remote control unit is effective for 50 yards. An integrated seat and umbrella are standard. “We don’t want people to have to buy a base unit and then be forced to add a lot of accessories to get what then want – costing a lot more in the end. With just one price (under $1500) they get every feature,” Bernie tells us.

Golfers with interest in the Fawxe F36 should inquire with their golf professional or visit Fawxe Golf Equipment on the web at www.fawxe.com.

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