eQuinelle Reaches Into Community For Hockey Partnership

eQuinelle General Manager Katharine Usher-Vollett joins members of the Kemptville 73's Management Team (Coach Jeff Jordan (L) Head of Hockey Operations Jason York (R)(Photo: Supplied)

With golf in eastern Ontario having to take a little break for the winter, one local course is using the time to connect with their community through another beloved sport, hockey.

The eQuinelle Golf Club along with their affiliated eQ Homes, have entered into a partnership with the Kemptville 73’s Junior A Hockey Club. The Kemptville 73’s. The home area for the club, the North Grenville Community Centre, is located just three kilometres from the golf course.

The partnership will see the the group work together to create camps and events for the local community. eQuinelle will team up with the 73’s for a Golf In Schools program along with golf and hockey camps throughout the year.

“We couldn’t be happier to partner with the Kemptville 73’s for this new relationship,” said eQuinelle general manager Katharine Usher-Vollett. “We know so many golfers enjoy hockey and, as we are both pillars of the Kemptville community, it made a lot of sense to get together and offer the community something really special between the two of us.”

Fans of the team, which originated in 1969 but changed to their current name in 1973, will note the presence of the eQ Homes logo on the ice at the NGCC with the eQuinelle Golf logo adorning the boards. The golf course and home developer will also participate in in-game activations and contests.

In return, the golf course also has plans for special events involving the team members.

“It’s an awesome opportunity for us to partner with the best golf course in the Ottawa area, and it just so happens to be right here in Kemptville,” said 73’s co-owner Joe Jefferies. “The community will really benefit from our partnership as we’re looking to provide affordable and fun opportunities to our fans, and people in the Kemptville area, via golf and hockey – two passions that many people share.”

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