Eric Stevens Wins At Camden Braes

Camden Braes G&CC (File Photo:
Camden Braes G&CC (File Photo:
Camden Braes G&CC (File Photo:

The Camden Braes Golf & Country Club, located west of Kingston, near Odessa, Ontario, hosted their annual Men’s Super Senior Field Day on Tuesday.

More than 60 players turned out for the 15th annual version of the tournament and one experienced player told that “the greens, bar none, were the best I have putted on all year.”

That was good news for all the players but worked out even better for Eric Stevens.  Stevens, who play out of the Garrison Golf & Curling Club in Kingston, shot 75 in regulation (+3) and won the title in a one hole playoff over his club mate, Bob Gilmour.

There were 5 fields in total and the results are as follows:

2015 Results

1st low gross- Eric Stevens- Garrison- 75 

1st low net- Howard Wark- Briar Fox- 67

Age 60-64:

1st low gross- Rick Jaynes- Ashbrook- 78

1st low Net- Paul Waitson- Glen Lawrence- 70

2nd low gross- Jim Blake- Garrison- 80

2nd low net- Brian Vermeersch- Bancroft- 74

3rd low gross- Dave Elliot- Glen Lawrence- 92

3rd low net- Mike Milne- Rivendale- 75

4th low gross- Charlie Nestrovski- Briar Fox- 96

Age 65-69:

1st low gross- Bill Blake- Garrison- 76

1st low Net- Jim Walker- Inverary- 68

2nd low gross- Gerald Cournyea- Amherstview- 84 (Tie Broken)

2nd low net- Greg White- Roundel Glen- 71

3rd low gross- Rick Cunningham- Amherstview- 84

3rd low net- George Derue- Rivendale- 72

4th low gross- Mike Fornier- Amherstview- 85

4th low net- Art Jackson- Colonnade- 76 (Tie Broken)

5th low gross- Jim Lennox- Ashbrook- 86

5th low net- Ted Sullivan- Roundel Glen- 76

Age 75+ (Red Tees):

1st low gross- Andy Patenaude- Morrisburg- 84 (Tie Broken)

1st low Net- Bob Foster- Ashbrook- 73 (tie Broken)

2nd low gross- Fred Staples- Loyalist- 84

2nd low net- Roger Dingman- Briar Fox- 73

3rd low gross- Harold Chalker- Cedar Glen- 91

3rd low net- Les Hoel- Cataraqui- 75

4th low gross- Jim Roenspies- Colonnade- 96 (Tie Broken)

4th low net- Jim Champagne- Picton- 77

5th low gross- John Offenbeck- Cataraqui- 96

5th low net- Richard Fleming- Cataraqui- 81

Age 70-74:

1st low gross- Bob Gilmour- Garrison- 75

1st low Net- Leroy Littlefield- Inverary- 69

2nd low gross- Ron Brown- Cataraqui- 79

2nd low net- Shayne Randall- 71

3rd low gross- Bob Collins- Garrison- 81

3rd low net-Wayne Kellar- Bancroft- 73

4th low gross- -Larry Waller- Inverary- 86

4th low net- Charlier Osborne- Loyalist- 74

5th low gross- Tom Lalande- 88

5th low net- Lawrence Larocque- Cedar Glen- 74

Age 75+:

1st low gross- Ev Mills- Amherstview- 82

1st low Net- George Yonemitsu- Bancroft- 70

2nd low gross- Jack Hughes- Briar Fox- 84

2nd low net- Ron McClelland- Camden Braes- 71

3rd low gross- Ken Stoker- Ashbrook- 87

3rd low net- Bob Nadon- Camden Braes- 72

4th low gross- Bill Carr- Colonnade- 93

4th low net- Ron Bunett- Briar Fox- 81

5th low gross- Chuck Joyce- Inverary- 104

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