Extra Width For Extra Distance

by Marc Peterson, CPGA Teaching Professional

Just imagine, your standing on the 18th hole on one of the best golf courses, the hole is a par five, there is no trouble off the tee to speak of and it is reachable in two with a good drive.  You want to hit it a little farther?

Here are couples of swing thoughts that will help you create more club head speed to launch that little white ball into the next zip code.

One of the key moves to hit the ball longer is to create a wider golf swing.  The first thing I do when I want to go after one is I will widen my stance a little, that will give me a firmer base and help me stay in balance. The next thing I concentrate on is to create the widest arc possible by keeping the butt of the club as far as possible from my body. This will result in a very good shoulder turn and allow me to be aggressive on the downswing.

So remember, think of extension, keep the butt of the club as far as you can on the backswing and see your distance increase.

Good golfing!

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