First Look: You Are A Contender

You Are A Contender - by John Haime
You Are A Contender - by John Haime

You Are A Contender
Author: John Haime, 133 Pages, (USD) $14.95
Published by Morgan James

There is no shortage of self-help books on the market. And when it comes to golf those that offer advice are the most popular you can find. Too often though, those that suggest new ways to approach the game from a non-golf swing perspective have plenty of analysis but do not provide a lot of practical tools to help you overcome your weaknesses. That is exactly what the strength of rookie author John Haime’s first literary effort.

This is not a golf book, per se, but a golf theme permeates the advice that is applicable across a wide spectrum of life including sports, business, and general personal improvement. This is a result of Haime’s unique background as a standout amateur and professional golfer and his subsequent career in corporate coaching around the world.

Haime extracts the best of this pedigree in You Are A Contender by offering up a book of very practical advice with great examples from his own experience as a person competing at a world class level – in his case, as a golfer. His personal tales about the ability and inability to perform shows that he knows his material far beyond simple theory. This lends a lot of interest and credibility to the book.

My only beef is that there are a lot of quotes pulled from reference material but that is only an irritation as it became clear that Haime has a lot of useful things to say and I would have rather heard more material directly from him.

That said, as far as this being a useful text for golfer, there are far many more tools provided here than you will find in most golf books covering psychological help. You can think of this as less of an advice book and more as a workbook to help you get the most out of life – golf included.

It is an admirable first effort for Haime and we look forward to any subsequent work.



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