First Swings: COBRA KING LTDx Irons

The first swing told me a lot. It might have been December, indoors, and after a three hour car ride to the Toronto offices of COBRA-PUMA Golf, but in same ways that was a greater testament to the qualities of the new COBRA KING LTDx irons. I mean, it’s rare for the every day golfer, the player these irons are intended for, to warm up much before they play, so the fact that there is a high level of forgiveness for a rusty swings is definitely a bonus.

The latest iteration of game improvement irons from COBRA checks a lot of boxes. While they don’t appear to be too far removed from current offerings, they are enough internal and external changes to consider them a significant upgrade.

In a call with Jose Miraflor, COBRA-PUMA VP of Marketing, he explained the efforts their team has made to create an internal clubhead structure with more flexion in the face to deliver greater ball speeds. It must be working, based on the “pop” I saw in testing. For players struggling with distances, and that is to say “effective distance” with usable trajectory and stopping power, these might be a suitable solution.

The launch conditions are boosted by construction that utilizes a floating steel core bar that is suspended low in the clubhead in a lightweight and soft polymer. The drops the center of gravity lower, a critical element for making these strong lofted, lower spinning irons fly high enough to create extreme distance, yet land soft enough to hold a green. That first 7 iron I struck? It carried some 200 yards (I am a high speed player) with about 5000 RPMs of spin, yet still had a landing angle of almost 50 degrees, far greater than the minimum of 45 I was looking for to make the shot controllable.

Yes, that may be a little too much “boost” for some golfers, but for those who struggle for yardage, or the ability to reduce their dynamic loft through impact, they would be a blessing.

From an aesthetics size, the clubhead is not overall large, and this edition of COBRA game improvement irons also has a clean topline, minus the visible technology that used to appear there in the RADSPEED models.

One thing that you can not see in these clubheads but it important for the modern golfer is the malleable nature of the heads. They can endure a lie change of +/- four degrees, making them much easier to fit.

The LTDx irons will be available in both Variable and One Length options, in left and right hand, for men and women. They come in iron-only sets and a configuration with a hybrid long iron replacement, as per COBRA tradition.

The COBRA KING LTDx irons will be at retail on February 11, 2022.

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