Four Times A Charm For Carleton Golf & Yacht Club

Carleton Golf & Yacht Club wins their 4th consecutive OVGA Ladies Intersctionals A Division Championship
Carleton Golf & Yacht Club wins their 4th consecutive OVGA Ladies Intersctionals A Division Championship
Carleton Golf & Yacht Club wins their 4th consecutive OVGA Ladies Intersectionals A Division Championship

The dynasty continues for the ladies of the Carleton Golf & Yacht Club in Manotick.

On Monday, for the fourth consecutive year, a team from that club captured the A Division Ottawa Valley Golf Association Ladies’ Intersectionals.  The event is presented by Golf-O-Max.

On their home soil Carleton golfers racked up 33 points to blow past the squad from Brockville Country Club who earned 24 on the day.

Royal Ottawa tallied 15 points while Rivermead will drop to B Division in 2014 after only grabbing 12 points.

Managing to win all their matches for the Carleton team to earn six points were Brenda Pilon, Nancy Horne, and Lise Jubinville.

Teri deLuis and Monique Rouleau did the same for Brockville and Rivermead, respectively.

The full results from the 2013 OVGA Ladies’ Intersectionals –


Monday July 8, 2013 / lundi 8 juillet, 2013
A Position Points
Carleton (Host/hôte) 1 33
Brockville 2 24
Royal Ottawa 3 15
Rivermead 4 12
Total 84
6 Points Carleton (H) Brockville  Royal Ottawa Rivermead
Brenda Pilon Teri de Luis N/A Monique Rouleau
Nancy Horne
Lise Jubinville
B Position Points
Rideau View 1 27
Tecumseh (Host/hôte) 2 25
Camelot 3 21
Kanata 4 11
Total 84
6 Points Rideau View Tecumseh (H) Camelot Kanata
Lyne Leclerc Lise Couture N/A N/A
Susan Pearl
Alison Timlin
C Position Points
Hylands 1 31
Cedarhill (Host/hôte) 2 29
Greyhawk 3 17
Arnprior 4 7
Total 84
6 Points Hylands Cedarhill (H) Greyhawk  Arnprior
Liette Desparois Elizabeth Curran Darlene Monkman N/A
Judy Collins Kristin Ranieri
Diane Dolan
D Position Points
Hautes Plaines 1 37
Mississippi (Host/hôte) 2 17
Ottawa Hunt 3 16
Outaouais 4 14
Total 84
6 Points Hautes Plaines Mississippi (H) Ottawa Hunt Outaouais
Monik Albert N/A Carol Ann McCuaig Nicole St. Pierre-Séguin
Sue Gillean
Diane Croteau
Kim Mathews
Diane Mansfield
E Position Points
Smiths Falls 1 26
Buckingham (Host/hôte) 2 23
Cornwall 3 20
Greensmere 4 15
Total 84
6 Points Smiths Falls  Buckingham (H) Cornwall Greensmere
Robin Milks Denise Brazeau Dawn McKeown Jill Weitzel
Penny May Céline Simard Mary Shepherd
F Position Points
Madawaska (Host/hôte) 1 40
Prescott T2 15
Renfrew T2 15
Larrimac 4 14
Total 84
6 Points Madawaska (H) Prescott Renfrew Larrimac
Mary Jo Kelly N/A N/A Nancy Thorpe
Kay Wilson
Joyce Quintal
Marilyn Everett
Debbie McGuire
Chrissy Laforce
Maureen Dunnigan
G Position Points
Pembroke 1 32
Pakenham (Host/hôte) 2 30
Kingsway 3 13
Mountain Creek 4 9
Total 84
6 Points Pembroke Pakenham (H) Kingsway Mountain Creek
Joanne Harring Elaine Grickites Hélène Lanthier N/A
Diane Wood Janet Sheedy
Diana Gagné Joanne Corby
Sue Roman
H Position Points
Metcalfe 1 36
Perth (Host/hôte) 2 27
Calabogie 3 11
Canadian 4 10
Total 84
6 Points Metcalfe Perth (Host/hôte) Calabogie Canadian
Rosie Poggione Lisa Hasler N/A N/A
Heather Lockett
Marg Guy
l Position Points
Algonquin (Host/hôte) 1 40
Deep River 2 26
Vieux Moulins 3 18
Total 84
6 points Algonquin (H) Deep River Vieux Moulins
Ruth Ahearn Eleanor Tait N/A
Sylvie Cusson
Meghan McLelland
Danielle Dénommé
Huguette Martel
Carole Letendre
J Position Points
Eagle Creek 1 30
Hammond 2 21
Glen Mar 3 18
Oaks of Cobden (Host/hôte) 4 15
Total 84
6 Points Eagle Creek Hammond Glen Mar Oaks of Cobden (H)
Elizabeth Stoqua Elise Gauthier Heather Young N/A
Diana Wilhelm Elaine McBain
Tamara Chamberlain
Robin Rock
Susan Dodge
K Position Points
Lombard Glen 1 33
Morrisburg 2 29
Roanoke 3 16
Champions Nest (Host/hôte) 4 6
Total 84
6 Points Lombard Glen Morrisburg Roanoke Champions Nest (H)
Leslie Moore Linda Barclay N/A N/A
Leanne Watt Monique Patenaude
Mary Cornish Vicki Boivin
Angie Reaney
L Position Points
Summerheights 1 25
Whitetail (Host/hôte) 2 11
Cedar Glen 3 6
Total 42
4 Points Summerheights Whitetail (H) Cedar Glen
Elizabeth Majerrison Lorraine Coulter N/A
Nicole Landriault
Ann Leduc
Helen Doll-Greer
Vicki Lalonde
M Position Points
Falcon Ridge 1 23
Heritage (Host/hôte) 2 17
Rideau Glen 3 2
Total 42
4 Points Falcon Ridge Heritage (H) Rideau Glen 
Cilia McGee Hélène Hurtubise N/A
Susan Ritchie Pierrette Poirier
Frances Lopes
Yolande Faubert
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