Fresh Face At Top Of Slammer Tour Ladder

There is a new look at the top of the rankings for the Ottawa-Gatineau Slammer Tour, the year-round match play league run by Executive Golf.

While the group likes to extend the outdoor season as long as possible, when they are forced indoors they maintain activity at both the Golf-O-Max on Baxter Road and Virtual Sports Zone at Club de golf Outaouais in Rockland.

Long-time tour member Lisa Muise has finally ascended to the #1 spot in the Slammer Tour Rankings presented by Combat Hockey.

On Valentine’s Day Muise grabbed the prime position on the ladder by taking down Gabe Louli in a match at Golf-O-Max.  Louli drops to #4 on the ladder.

There is no confirmation yet from the tour but in our recollection we cannot recall a female ever holding the most most coveted position in the rankings.

The league will continue their schedule of indoor matches until the end of April.

The Top 20 in the rankings as of February 16th, 2012

Slammer Tour Rankings presented by Combat Hockey

1 – Lisa Muise

2 – Michael Muise

3 – Sebastien Campeau

4 – Gabe Louli

5 – Marco San Pedro

6 – Jerry Stewart

7 – Marc Ffrench

8 – Zac Wood

9 – Andy Rajhathy

10 – Marc Beauvais

11 – Stan Horton

12 – Jamie Ryan

13 – Chris Langlois

14 – Travis Lyndon

15 – Brian Bonner

16 – Gerry Sander

17 – Kevin Baldelli

18 – Eric Smith

19 – Bob Cousineau

20 – Peter Taylor