Garrett Rank Wins Ontario Men’s Mid-Amateur

Garrett Rank wins the GAO Ontario Men's Mid-Amateur (Photo: Golf Association of Ontario)

– Referee And Pan Am Team Member Shines At Westmount –

Garrett Rank wins the GAO Ontario Men's Mid-Amateur (Photo: Golf Association of Ontario)
Garrett Rank wins the GAO Ontario Men’s Mid-Amateur (Photo: Golf Association of Ontario)

The reigning Canadian Mid-Amateur Champion proved again why he is one of the leading amateur golfers in Canada at this year’s Ontario Mid-Amateur.

As he looks ahead to playing in the Pan-Am Games for Canada next month and an appearance at the RBC Canadian Open, he was getting his game sharpened up at the Westmount Golf Club in Kitchener, Ontario.

Rank, who just spent his first season as both an AHL and NHL referee, held a two shot lead Golf Association of Ontario’s (GAO) Investors Group Men’s Mid-Amateur Championship headed into the final round on May 25th.

The 27 year-old Elmira, Ontario golfer would not relinquish that lead, earning him his first Ontario Mid-Amateur title.  His seven under par total (74-68-70-212) put him five strokes clear of the nearest competitor, Kevin Fawcett of Toronto.

“It feels good! Any time you can win a tournament and put yourself in a winning position it feels really good,” said Rank of the victory.

The competitors faced tough weather conditions early in the week that raised overall scores but Rank was able to keep himself in the right mind set to deal with it.

“I almost blew away on Tuesday, it was that windy! I just knew that everyone had to play in it and I just played my way through it. I knew if I could keep my score around par I would be near the lead. In the second and third rounds I made some key putts. I didn’t make everything but I was really solid. I took advantage of my good iron shots and made birdies and some good par saves.”

Despite some tough shots during his final round, Rank was able to recover well, something that he said helped him win. “There were a few times today where there could have been some big swings but I managed to save a couple bogeys. I just tried to keep the momentum moving in the right direction and eventually made some late birdies.”

Rank, Fawcett and third pace finisher Josh Hunke of New Hamburg were all named as the members of Team Ontario for the inter-provincial competition at the Canadian Men’s Mid-Amateur, Aug. 25-28 in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

Capturing the Mid-Masters (40+) trophy was Woodstock’s Drew Symons. Symons, the 2012 Mid-Amateur Champion and Craigowan Golf & Country Club member, ended the day one-under (72) and finished in a tie for fourth overall at even for the tournament (73-74-72-219).

The top 41 finishers in the event earned entry into the Canadian Men’s Mid-Amateur Championship.


Results for contest Mid-Am Overall Standings:


1    Garrett Rank         Elmira, ON                 Public Player(GAO Member)  74-68-70–212 -7 

2    Kevin Fawcett        Toronto, ON                Toronto Golf Club          71-73-73–217 -2 

3    Josh Hunke           New Hamburg, ON            Deer Ridge Golf Club       72-73-73–218 -1 

T4   Drew Mayhew          Kingston, ON               Cataraqui Golf & Country   78-71-70–219 E   

T4   Drew Symons          Woodstock, ON              Craigowan G & CC           73-74-72–219 E   

T6   Peter McCarthy       Toronto, ON                Rosedale Golf Club         77-69-74–220 +1 

T6   Jeff Crowe           London, ON                 The Oaks GC                72-75-73–220 +1 

8    Jordan Crampton      London, ON                 Sunningdale GC             71-80-70–221 +2 

9    Darren Shaw          Stoney Creek               King’s Forest Golf Club    77-71-75–223 +4 

T10  Brandon McGregor     St. Catharines, ON         St. Catharines Golf & Cou  77-76-71–224 +5 

T10  Mike Kray            Oakville, ON               St. Catharines Golf & Cou  77-75-72–224 +5 

12   Charles Fitzsimmons  north york, ontario        Thornhill G&CC             77-80-68–225 +6 

13   Jud Whiteside        Thornhill, ON              Beacon Hall GC             78-78-70–226 +7 

T14  Robert McCracken     Belleville, ON             Bay of Quinte Golf & CC    84-72-71–227 +8 

T14  Rob Cowan            Wellesley, ON              Westmount G & CC           81-74-72–227 +8 

T14  Jay Jewett           Sudbury, ON                Timberwolf Golf Club       78-77-72–227 +8 

T14  Ben Snaidero         Burlington, ON             Public Player(GAO Member)  77-76-74–227 +8 

T14  Paul Gortnar         Mississauga                Glencairn Golf Club        71-78-78–227 +8 

T19  Gary Young           Mississauga, ON            Public Player(GAO Member)  78-75-75–228 +9 

T19  Mark Elgner          Toronto, ON                St. George’s Golf & Count  75-77-76–228 +9 

T21  Peter vanWezel       Lasalle, ON                Public Player(GAO Member)  82-73-74–229 +10

T21  Ryan Kings           Kitchener, ON              Deer Ridge Golf Club       81-74-74–229 +10

T21  David Nudds          Toronto, ON                St. George’s Golf & Count  78-74-77–229 +10

T21  Bill Hutcheson       Aurora, ON                 Taboo Resort               77-70-82–229 +10

T25  Drew Dempster        Ancaster, ON               Beverly Golf & Country Cl  79-75-76–230 +11

T25  Matthew Ion Young    Burlington, ON             Hamilton G & CC            78-76-76–230 +11

T25  Mike Woodhouse       City of Kawartha Lakes, ON Lindsay Golf & Country Cl  79-75-76–230 +11

T25  Jeff Agnew           Richmond Hill, ON          Wyndance Golf Club         84-70-76–230 +11

T25  Rick Valin           Kitchener                  Deer Ridge Golf Club       77-73-80–230 +11

T30  Mark Henderson       Toronto, ON                Barrie CC                  79-77-75–231 +12

T30  Jamie Bacon          London                     Sunningdale GC             78-78-75–231 +12

T30  Cam Hreljac          Bowmanville, ON            Whitevale GC               77-78-76–231 +12

T30  Michael Rutgers      Windsor, ON                Kingsville Golf & Country  80-75-76–231 +12

T30  Scott Benzoni        Oakville, ON               Trafalgar Golf & Country   77-77-77–231 +12

T30  Robert Gibson        Toronto, ON                Cedar Brae G & CC          78-77-76–231 +12

T30  Dean Henry           Wasaga Beach, ON           Mad River GC               78-75-78–231 +12

T37  Aaron Pedlar         Sarnia, ON                 Sarnia G&CC                81-76-75–232 +13

T37  Ian Frauts           Toronto, ON                Cedar Brae G & CC          81-77-74–232 +13

T37  Chris Willis         Toronto, ON                Public Player(GAO Member)  77-79-76–232 +13

T37  Derek Dalziel        Oakville, ON               Public Player(GAO Member)  82-74-76–232 +13

T37  Christian McCullough Richmond Hill, ON          Meadowbrook Golf & Countr  77-77-78–232 +13

T37  Paul Stevens         Peterborough, ON           Kawartha G&CC              76-76-80–232 +13

T43  Ron Pearson          Kitchener, ON              Deer Ridge Golf Club       77-80-76–233 +14

T43  Mark Kalbfleisch     Oshawa, ON                 Oshawa Golf  & Curling     75-81-77–233 +14

T43  Dan Keogh            Toronto, ON                Taboo Resort               78-77-78–233 +14

T43  Andrew Tomchuk       London, ON                 Public Player(GAO Member)  76-77-80–233 +14

T47  Jeff Turner          Aurora, ON                 York Downs Golf & Country  77-80-78–235 +16

T47  Alec Kerr            Newmarket, ON              Public Player(GAO Member)  78-78-79–235 +16

T47  John Harrington      Ajax, ON                   Cherry Downs G & CC        78-76-81–235 +16

T47  Ryan Verrette        Milton, ON                 Eagle Ridge Golf Club      79-72-84–235 +16

T47  Peter Willis         Aurora, ON                 Public Player(GAO Member)  75-75-85–235 +16

T52  Eric Pattenaude      Sarnia, ON                 Sarnia G&CC                79-78-79–236 +17

T52  Ryan Lloyd           Toronto, ON                Rosedale Golf Club         80-77-79–236 +17

54   Arnold Johnson       Brampton                   Public Player(GAO Member)  78-80-79–237 +18

55   Dave Speir           London, ON                 Sunningdale GC             81-76-81–238 +19

56   Raymond Oh           Richmond Hill, ON          Meadowbrook Golf & Countr  81-77-81–239 +20

57   Bernie Bodogh        ST. CATHARINES             St. Catharines Golf & Cou  79-79-82–240 +21

58   Tj Moir              Gormley, ON                Station Creek GC           73-81-87–241 +22

59   Chad Brousseau       Sudbury, ON                Idylwylde Golf & Country   78-80-87–245 +26


MC   Jeff Simpson         Amherstview, ON            Cataraqui Golf & Country   81-78-0–159 +13 

MC   David Wodar          Burlington                 Mississaugua               81-78-0–159 +13 

MC   Brad Wadsworth       Oshawa, ON                 Oshawa Golf  & Curling     82-77-0–159 +13 

MC   Robert Crifo         Toronto                    Cedar Brae G & CC          80-79-0–159 +13 

MC   Regan O’Halloran     Scarborough, ON            Public Player(GAO Member)  80-79-0–159 +13 

MC   Marty Quincey        Caledon, ON                Devil’s Pulpit Golf Assoc  81-78-0–159 +13 

MC   Kerry Short          Vineland, ON               St. Catharines Golf & Cou  85-74-0–159 +13 

MC   Lars Melander        Oakville, ON               Hidden Lake GC – New       83-76-0–159 +13 

MC   Mike Roberts         Kitchener, ON              Rebel Creek Golf Club      77-82-0–159 +13 

MC   Brad VanPuymbroeck   Tillsonburg, ON            St. Thomas Golf & Country  81-78-0–159 +13 

MC   Scott Duffield       Stoney Creek, ON           Glendale Golf & CC         82-77-0–159 +13 

MC   Allan Stanley        Windsor, ON                Public Player(GAO Member)  80-79-0–159 +13 

MC   Peter Zakarow        Toronto, ON                Beacon Hall GC             81-79-0–160 +14 

MC   Rick Robinson        Orangeville, ON            Devil’s Pulpit Golf Assoc  79-81-0–160 +14 

MC   Brian Uchikata       Oakville, ON               Rattlesnake Point GC       82-78-0–160 +14 

MC   Paul Winter          Toronto, ON                The Country Club           81-79-0–160 +14 

MC   Chad Walker          St. Thomas, ON             St. Thomas Golf & Country  81-79-0–160 +14 

MC   Tim Southcott        Milton, ON                 Glencairn Golf Club        80-80-0–160 +14 

MC   Jean-Henri Lavoie    Brampton, ON               Public Player(GAO Member)  77-83-0–160 +14 

MC   Robin Petras         Newmarket, ON              Public Player(GAO Member)  80-80-0–160 +14 

MC   Steve Douse          Waterloo, ON               Westmount G & CC           81-79-0–160 +14 

MC   Pete McMenemy        Waterloo, ON               Deer Ridge Golf Club       81-79-0–160 +14 

MC   Derek McGrath        Cambridge, ON              Galt Country Club          83-78-0–161 +15 

MC   Aj Boland            Brampton, ON               Brampton GC                80-81-0–161 +15 

MC   Brad Stumpf          Oshawa, ON                 Bowmanville Golf & Countr  84-77-0–161 +15 

MC   Bill Lipsett         Beamsville                 Twenty Valley Golf & Coun  77-84-0–161 +15 

MC   Wesley Stewart       Windsor, ON                Pointe West GC             84-77-0–161 +15 

MC   Stephen Wright       Toronto, ON                Public Player(GAO Member)  80-81-0–161 +15 

MC   Peter MacKinnon      Chatham, ON                Maple City Country Club    85-76-0–161 +15 

MC   Chris Frook          Kemble, ON                 Legacy Ridge GC            82-80-0–162 +16 

MC   Michael Alderman     Georgetown, ON             Blue Springs Golf Club     79-83-0–162 +16 

MC   Trevor Low           Beamsville, ON             Twenty Valley Golf & Coun  83-79-0–162 +16 

MC   Gerry Greenwood      Brooklin, Ontario          Wyndance Golf Club         81-81-0–162 +16 

MC   David Greenaway      Barrie                     Barrie CC                  78-84-0–162 +16 

MC   Keith Joel           Toronto, ON                Weston G&CC                82-80-0–162 +16 

MC   Geordie Hagerman     Kitchener, ON              Whistle Bear Golf Club     81-81-0–162 +16 

MC   Matthew Abbott       Hamilton, ON               Hamilton G & CC            80-82-0–162 +16 

MC   Mike Clarke          London, ON                 West Haven G & CC          81-82-0–163 +17 

MC   Brett Wilkinson      Dundas, ON                 Dundas Valley Golf & Curl  80-83-0–163 +17 

MC   Rick Dodds-Hebron    Brampton, ON               Brampton GC                86-77-0–163 +17 

MC   Adam Bouchard        Guelph, ON                 Glendale Golf & CC         81-82-0–163 +17 

MC   Mike Milner          Cobourg, ON                Dalewood GC                84-79-0–163 +17 

MC   Tom Nowak            Rockwood, ON               Blue Springs Golf Club     84-79-0–163 +17 

MC   Benjamin Watson      Toronto, ON                Mississaugua               83-80-0–163 +17 

MC   Klaus Hagenberg      Oakville, ON               Glencairn Golf Club        84-79-0–163 +17 

MC   Chris Regan          Burlington, ON             Hamilton G & CC            84-79-0–163 +17 

MC   Scott Eagles         Thornbury, ON              Public Player(GAO Member)  80-83-0–163 +17 

MC   William Gautreau     Niagara Falls, Ontario     Scarboro Golf & Country C  84-79-0–163 +17 

MC   Scott Hepburn        St. Thomas, ON             St. Thomas Golf & Country  81-82-0–163 +17 

MC   Joey Chua            Acton, ON                  Public Player(GAO Member)  84-79-0–163 +17 

MC   Jamie Robertson      North York, ON             Rosedale Golf Club         83-81-0–164 +18 

MC   Bryan Francis        Brampton, ON               Eagle Ridge Golf Club      79-85-0–164 +18 

MC   Mike Ferreira        Leamington, ON             Kingsville Golf & Country  86-78-0–164 +18 

MC   Andrew Branscombe    Oakville, ON               Islington GC               78-87-0–165 +19 

MC   Kyle Rank            Elmira, ON                 Elmira Golf Club           82-83-0–165 +19 

MC   Jason McKersie       Toronto                    Thornhill G&CC             85-81-0–166 +20 

MC   Greg Adoranti        Stoney Creek, ON           Glen Abbey Golf Club       88-78-0–166 +20 

MC   Christian Rutherford Peterborough, ON           Lindsay Golf & Country Cl  86-80-0–166 +20 

MC   Robert O’Hagan       Paris, ON                  Paris Grand CC             83-83-0–166 +20 

MC   Matthew Hopper       London, ON                 Thames Valley Golf & Coun  85-81-0–166 +20 

MC   James McKeon         Toronto, ON                Grandview Golf Club        79-87-0–166 +20 

MC   Anthony Laud         Toronto, ON                Public Player(GAO Member)  85-81-0–166 +20 

MC   Dave Wilson          Stratford, ON              Stratford CC               81-85-0–166 +20 

MC   Shawn Cowen          Clifford, ON               Pike Lake G & CC           84-82-0–166 +20 

MC   Bruce McEwen         Scarborough, ON            Scarboro Golf & Country C  79-88-0–167 +21 

MC   Ronald Kerr          Caledon, ON                Brampton GC                82-86-0–168 +22 

MC   Michael Kaye         Newmarket, ON              Public Player(GAO Member)  81-87-0–168 +22 

MC   Jim Langill          Toronto, ON                Lookout Point Country Clu  83-85-0–168 +22 

MC   Dave Mills           Midhurst, ON               Barrie CC                  83-85-0–168 +22 

MC   Jeff Baker           Waterloo                   Elmira Golf Club           85-83-0–168 +22 

MC   Eamonn McConnell     Toronto, ON                Toronto Golf Club          82-87-0–169 +23 

MC   Kent Glugosh         Brampton, ON               Brampton GC                83-87-0–170 +24 

MC   Dean Weber           Kitchener, ON              Grey Silo Golf Course      85-86-0–171 +25 

MC   Jake Gerolamy        Peterborough, ON           Kawartha G&CC              80-93-0–173 +27 

MC   Matthew Oldershaw    Shanty Bay, ON             Barrie CC                  88-86-0–174 +28 

MC   Aron Burch           Hamilton, ON               Lookout Point Country Clu  88-90-0–178 +32 

MC   Conor O’Hara         Oakville, ON               Public Player(GAO Member)  89-91-0–180 +34 

MC   Steven Fox           Kitchener, ON              Westmount G & CC           91-89-0–180 +34 

WD   Will Repath          Stoney Creek, ON           Public Player(GAO Member)  86-0-0–86 +13    

WD   Michael Schaffer     Kitchener                  St. Thomas Golf & Country  86-0-0–86 +13    

WD   Steve Mercer         Plainfield, ON             Public Player(GAO Member)  86-0-0–86 +13    

WD   Dave Bunker          Woodbridge, ON             Brampton GC                                  

WD   Michael Farrugia     Peterborough, ON           Kawartha G&CC                                

WD   James Lowe           Toronto, ON                Lambton Golf & Country Cl                    

WD   Brent McClung        Burlington, ON             Public Player(GAO Member)                    

WD   Tyler McDannold      Brooklin                   Brampton GC                                  

WD   Rick Paquette        Belle River, ON            Beach Grove G&CC                             

WD   Joel Rose            Toronto, ON                Hunters Pointe GC                            

WD   Jonathan Ross        Burlington                 Burlington Golf & Country                    

WD   Brett Saunders       Toronto, ON                The Club at Bond Head                        

WD   Damon Sutherland     Toronto, ON                Lambton Golf & Country Cl                    

DQ   Adam Atkinson        Stoufville, ON             Wooden Sticks GC           82-58-0–140 +5   

DQ   Doug McNeil          Newmarket                  Public Player(GAO Member)  82-66-0–148 +13 

JWD  Ashley Chinner       Brooklin, Ontario          Coppinwood                 +13 

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