Instruction: Get Your Swing in Synch

with Kevin and Jake Haime, PGA of Canada Professionals

This tip was originally published in the July 2011 edition of Flagstick. It’s a timing drill that works wonders with golfers who have overactive lower bodies. I consider it a bit more of a better player’s drill but if your problem is too much leg drive towards your target, it’s a keeper no matter your skill level. The reason I suggest it for better players is simple.

From a timing perspective, most high handicappers start their downswing too quickly with their upper bodies (they swing the club out “over the top”). Most lower handicappers, on the other hand, start their downswing too quickly with their legs and that’s the problem this drill cures.

Enjoy and check out more of the 25th anniversary Instruction Series by Kevin Haime and Jake Haime on the Flagstick YouTube Channel at this link.

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