Golf Betting – How Prolific Is It?

Recently, through our social media channels, a golfer asked about the rise in golf betting.

Now that the PGA TOUR has embraced it, we are seeing tournament broadcasts make regular mention of betting odds during tournaments. It has gotten to the point that the person who asked wondered if they were missing out, as it seemed that based on what they see in media that golf betting has become prolific.

In response, we decided to run a quick Twitter poll to get a feel for what is going on out there, at least among some of our followers.

As you can see below, of the 162 respondents to our quick poll, just 22% said they actively bet on golf through a sports book or a betting site.

While we don’t have definitive data to support it, we suspect that number has risen significantly over the last few years with the increased accessibility to gambling options.

One wonders what those numbers might look like in the future.

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