Golf Gets The Green Light In Quebec

While the golfers in Ontario patiently (or not, in some cases) their turn, the golf industry in the province of Quebec has some timelines.

Allowed to open pro shops in areas outside of Montreal on May 4th, Quebec golf facilities received the bigger go-ahead date today. It was announced that individual, non-contact sports such as golf can resume as of May 20, 2020.

There are 359 golf courses of varying size in Quebec. Golfers are being encouraged to play at courses within their region to minimize travel and possible virus transfer situations.

With the announcement, the start-up of the golf season only remains a question mark in Nova Scotia (where ranges are open) and in Ontario, where an announcement seems imminent.

Nova Scotia has approximately 75 golf course while Ontario represents more than a third of the 2300 in the country, with about 800.

The basic guidelines announced today for Quebec are shown in the graphic below.

Full details of the procedures suggested and required can be found at this link.

We will update this story with more details as they are provided.

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