Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec Golf News Wanted: Please Pass It Along

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in 1996 Flagstick Golf Magazine was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and soon after it came Flagstick.com. Since that time our platform and reach has extended far beyond the region in which our print magazine is distributed (Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec) but we have never taken our eye of our home region, especially when it comes to out print magazine.

As such this year, we are making a concerted effort to help cover a deeper range of stories from the many golf facilities in the region, and those that have an impact on the thousands of golfers who call it home.

While some news stories require a deeper look, we also recognize that there are many tidbits that would not be enough to foster an in-depth tale, but are equally important as information for our readers.

We recognized this years ago when we joined Twitter, a social media platform where we have shared 280 character-length messages for more than a decade, now to the tune of some 55,000 Tweets.

With that being the case we are trying to gather more of these news nuggets this year for sharing in our print magazine, and online as well, but we need some help. We have a small team and can’t always be aware of everything going on in a region that encompasses 3,000,000 people and more than 150 golf courses.

If you work or play in golf in Eastern Ontario or Western Quebec and think there is something we should know about or would be worth sharing with our readers, followers, and listeners, please send it on to our team.

In doing so we can better help the golf community stay informed, our mandate since our start, and now, in our 25th season.

You can send notes by email to scotmac at flagstick.com or via Direct Message at Twitter or Instagram.

Thank you.



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