Golf Ontario Introduces Comprehensive Digital Junior Golf Platform

For years, one of the dominant questions that parents of junior golfer have is about where to find information about tournaments and resources for their young player. For the most part, an answer required you to send them to a variety of websites, or string together so much advice that they might end up more confused than when they started.

Enter Golf Ontario who has been attempting to come up with a cohesive solution to the problem, one that could provide more clarity for athletes, parents, and coaches.

In 2019 they created created a committee of stakeholders to work on the topic. Not only did they create resources in the process, but they also embarked on an affiliation with the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA). That partnership will allow juniors to earn credit for their play in Canada, access to more events, and more exposure to collegiate golf coaches.

Parents, juniors, and coaches can find the platform, the Junior Golf Pathway, here: (www.juniorgolfpathway.ca)

At the new website there are plenty of resources, including links to all the tours relevant to juniors across the provinces, a cohesive schedule for all tours in one place, a comprehensive rankings, and access to a search tool to find coaches.

The goals of the initiative (listed below) are well laid out and the new website should be a very population destination for years to come.

  1. To provide clarity in the current competitive junior golf space,
  2. To outline a clear path through the junior golf pathway for aspiring competitive junior golfers.
  3. Connect young golfers and their families with training & competitive opportunities best suited to their skill levels.

Mike Kelly, Executive Director of Golf Ontario, comments, “This is an exciting innovation and we invite the entire Ontario golf community to be part of it. The mission of the Junior Golf Pathway is very simple: to ensure that competitive junior golfers stay on course to reach their highest potential. Through robust training tools and resources as well as a powerful marketing engine for tour operators and PGA of Canada coaches, the Junior Golf Pathway will simplify access, modernize a new competitive pathway, and ensure a positive experience for athletes and parents.”

Again, you can find the (Ontario) Junior Golf Pathway website at this link.



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