More Walkers On The Golf Course in 2020?: Poll Indicates Yes

With golf in full swing in much of the country and the opening of courses seemingly nearing in other provinces, many have been considering the impacts that new COVID-19 related regulations will have on the game.

One topic for consideration is the use of golf carts, which is being restricted to single riders at some facilities. For that, and other reasons, we reached out to the golf community to get their opinion on walking versus golf cart use in the season ahead.

Asking golfers via our Twitter feed if they planned to walk or use a push cart more in 2020 a resounding 83% responded yes. Just 12% responded in the negative while 5% were undecided.

As one golfer noted, “it’s not because I want to walk; I’ve just put on a few extra pounds in self-isolation so I NEED to.”

Whatever the reason, if our small-sampling poll is any indication, the fairways should be a full of a few more walkers in the golf season ahead.

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