Guest Blog w/ Elizabeth Tong: You Just Never Stop Learning

Elizabeth Tong (Photo: Symetra Tour)

(Ed. Note: We’re proud to have Thornhill, Ontario’s Elizabeth Tong share her adventures with us here at Flagstick.com and Ontario Golf News Digest. The 2018 Symetra Tour in underway and the former Golf Canada National Team Member is not only back to the links but back on the keyboard as she Blogs on ETONG Golf.)

Her latest entry:


Hi everyone! The past 4 weeks have been quite busy! The Symetra Tour is fully underway now and I’ve gotten back with just enough time to write this lovely blog!

To give the past 4 tournaments a quick summary, “frustrating” would be a good word. I didn’t think I would be in the position I am in now 4 weeks ago, but that’s golf for you in a nutshell — unpredictable.

The 1st tournament of the 4 week stretch started off in Milton, Georgia. Atlanta National Golf Club is where I played my first ever Symetra Tour event 2 years ago and made the cut! So this place holds good memories for me. I had a volunteer caddie on my bag who has caddied for me 5 previous times and it’s pretty awesome that he would want to come out and do that for me, especially since he lives in Las Vegas (go Golden Knights! I’m secretly cheering for Vegas to win the Stanley Cup since 90% of their team is Canadian!). Anyways, I started off this tournament decently the first two days, but the last day was traumatic. I was pretty steady until I hit my 13th hole and the worst pollen storm ever hit! I have really bad environmental allergies in general and I literally couldn’t see out of one eye. It burned so bad!! My mind went into survival mode and my focus on golf went out the window. Needless to say, the last 5 holes weren’t exactly stellar.

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You can find Elizabeth on Twitter – @lizabeth_tong