Head Professionals Prevail at PGA of Canada – Ottawa Zone PING Challenge Cup

2017 PING Challenge Cup winning team - Head Professionals

The Head Professionals team would not be denied of victory at the 2017 PGA of Canada – Ottawa Zone PING Challenge Cup presented by Flagstick Golf Magazine.

The leading players from the season-long Points Race on the 2017 Flagstick.com Players Tour faced off in teams of twelve on September 18 at the Greyhawk Golf Club in Cumberland, Ontario.

In the 8th edition of the Ryder Cup style event the Head Professionals trailed the overall series by a tally of 4-3 as they entered the week and were looking to even the score with the squad of Assistant/Associate Professionals.

Their determination was apparent as they began the first round of matches in the 36 hole event on the Predator Course at Greyhawk, taking a strong lead of 4.5 points to 1.5 points in the 9-hole Better Ball Format.

Undaunted, the Assistant squad fired back in the Alternate Shot format, evening the score at 6-6 as lunch time struck. The 4.5 to 1.5 point burst by the Assistants showed that they would not give up the trophy they won in 2016 so handily.

Unfortunately that seemed to be their last great spurt of energy as few of the twelve singles matches that concluded the day on the club’s Talon Course reached the 18th hole. This was prompted by a strong offensive from the Head Pros who hammered their rival squad by a tally of 9-3 points to square up the all-time series. The final score on the day saw the Head Professionals win by a score of 15-9.

“It was a really strong rally by my guys,” said the Captain of the Head Pros, Jeff Bauder of Flagstick. “It is always a long day and they proved their skills over the course of it. We’re happy to have the trophy back in our hands and want to try to get that overall series lead next year. A big thank you to all the players who competed, the staff at Greyhawk, the hard work of PGA of Canada – Ottawa Zone Executive Director Carol Ann Baxter, and to Andre Borys and Dave Wilson of PING Canada. It’s nice to be part of the winning team but none of this would happen without their support.”

PGA of Canada – Ottawa Zone Assistant/Associate Professionals

“Congratulations to the Head Professionals. They really earned this today,” said the defeated Captain, Scott MacLeod of Flagstick. “Thanks to all my guys for their efforts. We’ll be ready to take back the cup next year.”

The winning Head Professional team included: Marc-Andre Piette, Bill Keating, Graham Gunn, Dan McNeely, Jean Leduc, Michel Dagenais, Marc Foucault, Dany Lacombe, Scott Mikkelsen, Colin Orr, Chris Learmonth, and Greg White. Jeff Bauder (Honorary Captain)

The defeated Assistant/Associate Professional team included: J.C. Beecroft, Jake Haime, Lee Curry, Chris Bernard, Andy Rajhathy, Dave McDonald, Gregg Foley, Jon Stevenson, Colin Pitchers, Adam Miller, Shawn Banfield, and Dave Kalil. Scott MacLeod (Honorary Captain)