Henderson, Pearl and Vezina Win OVGA Cups

OVGA Cup winners Tom Henderson, Susan Pearl, Tom Vezina (Photo: Joe McLean, Flagstick.com)

For many years the Ottawa Valley Golf Association has had an Order of Merit for their men and women golfers. Golfers would accumulate points based on their placement in OVGA Events, but that was it. The Order of Merit was seldom used for any other purpose.

This year, OVGA Tournament Director Dru Lafave proposed a year-ending tournament for those on the OVGA Order of Merit be added to an already busy schedule. Participation would be by invitation only based on Order of Merit Ranking and Dru also provided sponsorship for the new event through his business, GolfOMax.

The OVGA Cup competition came to fruition on Sunday, September 22nd at the Kanata Golf & Country Club in the west end of the City of Ottawa.

Order of Merit Competitors in men’s regular and senior as well as a women’s division set off on their quest to be the first winners of the new OVGA Cups.

OVGA Cup for Women

Rideau View’s Susan Pearl with a tidy five over par score of 75 was the initial winner of the OVGA Women’s Cup. She was followed by Hylands Golf Club’s Diane Dolan (76), Lise Jubinville (78), Megan McKenzie (80) and Brockville Country Club’s Teri De Luis (81).

OVGA Cup for Men

Public Player Tom Vezina carded a two over par 72 to win the initial OVGA Men’s Cup. Close on his heels were Cedar Glen’s Kurtis Barkley (73), Eagle Creek’s Jimmy Jozwiak (74), Rideau View’s Tim Sullivan (75) and Rivermead’s Ken Lafreniere (76).

OVGA Cup for Senior Men

Smiths Falls’ Tom Henderson kept up the family name by winning the initial OVGA Senior Cup with his four over par score of 74. OVGA Tournament Director Dru Lafave finished in second place on his home course with his score of 75. Third place went to Eagle Creek’s John Ackehurst (76) and tied for fourth with scores of 78 were Smiths Falls’ Ron Dolinki and Sand Point’s Ben Allen.


Points were also given in this OVGA Cup Competition for 2019 Order of Merit Rankings. Lise Jubinville from the Hylands Golf Club finished in first place in the Women’s Order of Merit with 3,000 points. Eagle Creek’s Jimmy Jozwiak finished in first place with 1,710 points in the Men’s Order of Merit. Tom Hossfeld, even though he had another commitment and did not participate in the tournament, still finished in first place in the OVGA Senior Men’s Order of Merit with 2,200 points. 

Each of the Division Order of Merit Winners picked up a nice gift voucher.

Congratulations to the Ottawa Valley Golf Association for their latest golf initiative which should boost play in regular season OVGA Competition. After all, who wouldn’t want to be invited to a season ending tournament for prizes as well as bragging rights for a full year?