Henderson Romps To National Title

Henderson, Kent, and Evon Victorious at Copetown

Copetown, ON (August 19, 2010)- A light fog hovered above the immaculate fairways of Copetown Woods Golf Club on Thursday morning, as golfers prepared to tee off in the Final Round of the Mizuno CJGA National Golf Championship, creating a surreal backdrop for what would be a spectacular closing round. The wind picked up gradually as the first couple groups made their way out on the course, sweeping away the last remnance of fog, and cunningly inviting the players onto the beautiful but treacherous links. A palpable tension could be felt around the practice green and first tee as leaders made their way to the starting tent, with the National Championship trophy well within their reach. By the time the leaders teed off, the breeze had strengthened to a gale, transforming already slick, triple rolled greens into glass. There was no doubt that at the end of the round that truly deserving champions would be crowned.

Following in the footsteps of her sister Brittany, twelve-year old phenom Brooke ensured that the Henderson surname would be etched for the fourth time on the trophy, by winning her first CJGA National Championship by an extraordinary twenty-six shots. After opening a twenty-shot lead through 3 rounds. Henderson was able to tally a 4 day total of 300 (78-79-67-76). “The first two days were a little rough but I was able to shoot great scores yesterday and today” said Henderson. When asked about her key to success over the coarse of the week Henderson had this to say, “I made a lot of short putts that really mattered and that was how I was able to gain the lead the after day 3”. Coming second to Henderson was 2010 North America Cup team member and Winnipeg, MB native Jenna Roadley. Roadley shot a 4 day total of 326 (80-77-88-81). Finishing in third behind Roadley was Samantha Spencer of Georgetown, ON and Brittany Davidson of Mississauga, ON. Both girls were able to shoot 4 day totals of 332.

2010 Mizuno CJGA Eastern Championship winner Cole Kent of Peterborough, ON was able to capture his first event on the National scene with a 4 day total of 294 (72-74-75-73). Kent was able to take the lead from Kyle Wicks in round 3 and never looked back on his way to his third win in 2010. When asked about winning his first National Championship Kent had this to say, “I have never been in this position before (having the lead after day 3) it was definitely a great learning experience and I am thrilled with this win”. Your putting needs to be sharp at Copetown Woods as they have very fast but true greens and because of this you also need to know how to position your shots off the tee or else you are going to have trouble” admitted Kent. Finishing behind Kent was Kevin Fawcett of London, ON with a 4 day score totaling 299 (75-77-70-77) who worked his way up the leader board as the week went along. Behind Fawcett was a three way tie for third place between Ryan Borg of Orangeville, ON, Josh Whalen of Napanee, ON and first and second round leader Kyle Wicks of Chatham, ON.

CJGA newcomer Bryce Evon of Windsor, ON was able to blast his way on the National Golf scene this week picking up his first major championship. Evon shot a 4 day total of 291 (74-73-72-72) also giving him the tournaments lowest score out of all divisions. Evon was able to use his consistency to his advantage this week with his closest competitor finishing 11 shots back. “It feels great to win a tournament that is recognized across the country” said Evon. When asked about his strategy this week Evon had this to say, “Accuracy is key at this golf course, I decided to keep my driver in my bag for most of the week and was able to put my ball in the right positions in order to attack these tough pins”. Finishing in second behind Evon was 2010 Lipton Brisk Canada Cup Team East member Zackery Secord of Midland, ON shooting a 4 round total of 302 (76-77-75-74). Secord was consistent throughout the week and should be a force to be reckoned with heading in to the 2011 golf season. Finishing in third spot was Jonathan MacDonald of Missisauga, ON. MacDonald’s 4 day total was 305 (82-69-72-82), Macdonald was able to keep himself in contention throughout the week with his division low round 2 score of 69.

The Mizuno CJGA National Golf Championship concludes another successful year of CJGA events sponsored by Mizuno. “This event is a testament to the quality of players we see play with the CJGA on a golf and personal level. All of the Mizuno representatives here throughout the week (including myself) were very impressed with the venue provided by Copetown Woods in conjunction with the CJGA” explained Mark Hansen Sales and Marketing Director for Mizuno Canada. The Canadian Junior Golf Association would like to congratulate all winners and participants on their accomplishments this week and hope that everyone left the 2010 Mizuno CJGA National Golf Championship with lasting memories.

Results – Jr. Tour Boys 14 & Under

1 Bryce Evon Windsor, ON 74-73-72-72–291 +3
2 Zackery Secord Midland, ON 76-77-75-74–302 +14
3 Jonathan MacDonald Mississauga, ON 82-69-72-82–305 +17
4 William Blanchard Rosemère, QC 81-82-72-72–307 +19
5 Lucas Lukovic Caledon, ON 72-77-81-79–309 +21
6 Scott McNichol Calgary, AB 81-77-79-75–312 +24
7 Isaac Chen Richmond, BC 76-75-81-81–313 +25
8 Brandon Raine Caledon, ON 80-75-77-82–314 +26
9 Daniel Knapp Burlington, ON 76-76-83-82–317 +29
10 Kurtis Campbell St. Lazare, QC 81-77-79-84–321 +33
11 Marc Casullo Aurora, ON 85-80-76-83–324 +36
12 Owen Bates Mississauga, ON 81-84-80-82–327 +39
13 Nicholas Quesnel Sudbury, ON 80-82-80-86–328 +40
T14 Charles Corner Cayuga, ON 79-81-86-85–331 +43
T14 Lawren Rowe Victoria, BC 84-83-80-84–331 +43
16 Alexander Gilmour Uxbridge, ON 85-82-84-81–332 +44
17 Austin Jones Oakville, ON 86-80-86-82–334 +46
CUT Jacob Lehman Guelph, ON 85-83–168 +24
CUT Jon Pick Ottawa, ON 87-83–170 +26
CUT Hunter Davidson Claremont, ON 87-86–173 +29
CUT Sam McNulty Port Perry, ON 94-81–175 +31
CUT Kurtis Kelly Uxbridge, ON 89-92–181 +37
CUT Brennen Leslie Markham, ON 90-91–181 +37
CUT Nicholas Brisebois Kanata, ON 94-91–185 +41
CUT Josua Stabner Oakville, ON 93-94–187 +43
WD John Boncoddo Brantford, ON 79-0–79 +7

Results – Jr. Tour Boys 15-19

1 Cole Kent Peterborough, ON 72-74-75-73–294 +6
2 Kevin Fawcett London, ON 75-77-70-77–299 +11
T3 Josh Whalen Napanee, ON 74-77-75-74–300 +12
T3 Ryan Borg Orangeville, ON 78-76-74-72–300 +12
T3 Kyle Wicks Chatham, ON 71-73-79-77–300 +12
6 Stanley Heo Uxbridge, ON 79-73-72-77–301 +13
T7 John Almand Toronto, ON 75-72-77-79–303 +15
T7 Travis Miller Calgary, AB 73-76-79-75–303 +15
T9 Russell Bowie Mississauga, ON 76-76-76-76–304 +16
T9 Shyamal Nagindas Aurora, ON 72-83-71-78–304 +16
T9 Alex Turner Toronto, ON 79-78-73-74–304 +16
12 Patrick Boudreault Ottawa, ON 77-77-76-76–306 +18
13 Jeff Clarke Milton , ON 78-75-76-79–308 +20
T14 Jordan Bakhsh Newmarket, ON 79-77-77-76–309 +21
T14 Jackson Taylor Waterloo, ON 75-80-77-77–309 +21
T14 Brandon Clark St.Thomas, ON 78-76-76-79–309 +21
T17 Patrick McRae Markham, ON 78-78-75-79–310 +22
T17 Javier Diaz Woodbridge, ON 77-76-77-80–310 +22
T17 Nicholas Crozier Unionville, ON 77-75-81-77–310 +22
T17 Colton Kalkanis Hillsdale, ON 75-79-78-78–310 +22
T21 Mikail Patel Milton, ON 77-76-78-80–311 +23
T21 Ryan Brown Gormley, ON 76-81-75-79–311 +23
23 Jack Doty London, ON 78-81-76-77–312 +24
T24 Corey MacDonald Beaver Bank, NS 80-83-72-78–313 +25
T24 Samuel Hebert St-Thomas, ON 76-76-81-80–313 +25
T24 Rob Gavarkovs Toronto, ON 82-74-77-80–313 +25
T27 Jake McNulty Port Perry, ON 82-76-80-77–315 +27
T27 Conor MacDonald Mississauga, ON 75-76-82-82–315 +27
T27 Jeffrey Gardner Port Carling, ON 78-78-81-78–315 +27
T30 Nikolai Tolstoy Quyon, QC 81-79-73-83–316 +28
T30 Amin Ashkar Guelph, ON 77-79-80-80–316 +28
T30 Tyler Quinn Newmarket, ON 82-78-76-80–316 +28
33 Mitchell Augustine Bracebridge, ON 77-83-75-82–317 +29
34 Andrew Rogers Clarksburg, ON 81-81-75-81–318 +30
T35 Jason Beattie Barrie, ON 79-80-79-81–319 +31
T35 Andrew Pacione Newmarket, ON 81-79-79-80–319 +31
T37 Scott Banks Oakville, ON 82-78-82-78–320 +32
T37 Gordon Elder Toronto, ON 82-74-82-82–320 +32
39 Connor Teno Tecumseh, ON 81-76-78-86–321 +33
40 Brett Geiser Markham, ON 75-82-81-84–322 +34
41 Sam Harris Toronto, ON 82-77-82-82–323 +35
42 Jordan Bilodeau Timmins, ON 80-80-78-86–324 +36
43 Philip Arci Woodbridge, ON 82-81-82-80–325 +37
44 Brad Holmes Burlington, ON 79-81-78-88–326 +38
45 Robert Gilmour Toronto, ON 83-80-83-82–328 +40
CUT John Bedour Goderich, ON 86-78–164 +20
CUT Bradley Cistrone Oakville, ON 83-81–164 +20
CUT William Mahood Oakville, ON 83-81–164 +20
CUT Eric Flockhart Mississauga, ON 88-77–165 +21
CUT Michael Richards Cobourg, ON 80-85–165 +21
CUT Ryan Turner Stittsville, ON 87-79–166 +22
CUT David Berthiaume Blainville, QC 81-85–166 +22
CUT Daniel Munroe Winnipeg, MB 93-74–167 +23
CUT John Sinclair Red Deer, AB 83-84–167 +23
CUT Brett White Caledonia, MI 83-84–167 +23
CUT Sameer Kalia Campbellville, ON 87-81–168 +24
CUT Michael Troiano Etobicoke, ON 85-84–169 +25
CUT Aaron Kaul Mississauga, ON 89-81–170 +26
CUT Wesley Kwok Markham, ON 82-88–170 +26
CUT Joel Lalonde Brooklin, ON 87-85–172 +28
CUT Connor McMahon Oakville, ON 85-88–173 +29
CUT Graeme Shadbolt Oakville, ON 82-92–174 +30
CUT Ryan Mitchell Beaconsfield, QC 85-89–174 +30
CUT Travis Crane Cardigan, PE 88-87–175 +31
CUT Chris MacDonald Mississauga, ON 88-88–176 +32
CUT Justin Gosselin-Archer Geraldton, ON 91-91–182 +38
CUT Carl Shin Toronto, ON 93-91–184 +40
CUT Rob Gray Oakville, ON 97-89–186 +42
DQ Kacper Pacewicz Mississauga, ON 77-78-0–155 +11
DQ Scott Secord Calgary, AB 0-0–0 E
DQ Aaron St. Arnault Victoria, BC 0-0–0 E
DQ Owen Chandler Toronto, ON 0-0–0 E
DQ Tristan Wild Montreal, QC 0–0 E
WD Eden Park Pusan, Other 87–87 +15

Results – Jr. Tour Girls 11-19

1 Brooke Henderson Smiths Falls, ON 78-79-67-76–300 +12
2 Jenna Roadley Winnipeg, MB 80-77-88-81–326 +38
T3 Brittany Davidson Mississauga, ON 93-79-81-79–332 +44
T3 Samantha Spencer Georgetown, ON 82-89-83-78–332 +44
5 Shannon Lee Greenshields Pincourt, QC 85-84-83-85–337 +49
6 Marlies Klekner-Alt Ottawa, ON 89-85-87-84–345 +57
7 Sarah Dunning Kitchener, ON 78-95-88-85–346 +58
8 Breanne Fredette Winnipeg, MB 96-84-89-88–357 +69
CUT Erin Coates Aberfoyle, ON 89-92–181 +37
CUT Michelle Ruiz Mississauga, ON 92-92–184 +40
CUT Mahealani Subad Orillia, ON 93-96–189 +45
CUT Jessica Ip Richmond Hill, ON 91-102–193 +49
CUT Alyssa DeFoe Barrie, ON 100-105–205 +61