Hot Picks 2021: Golf Balls

Bridgestone TOUR B XS Yellow

What They Say: Like the standard white TOUR B XS, the yellow version features REACTIV cover technology, which employs an “impact modifier,” to allow the urethane to behave differently based on swing speed.  For example, when struck with a driver or any longer club, the REACTIV urethane cover “reacts,” as a firmer, more resilient material, providing more speed and distance. However, on slower swings with a wedge or short iron, the cover performs like a softer material, creating more shot-stopping spin and control. 

Our Thoughts: Often left out of the picture in the purchase decision for many golfers looking in the premium category, the TOUR B XS is a great option for the golfer who likes a softer ball feel with high spin rates around the green. The Yellow option now makes it appealing for an even wider audience.

Callaway Chrome X Soft LS

What They Say: This new golf ball is especially suited for better players who want to “bomb it” off the tee, with a tremendous combination of long distance and a straight ball flight from their longer clubs. It’s a 4-piece, single core construction that’s engineered to increase speed through a SoftFast Core, a Dual Mantle System, and a refined urethane cover. The high-speed core design is significantly larger to create more distance through the bag, and it works with the mantle system to deliver high resilience and speed. 

Our thoughts: A surprise addition to the line-up for Callaway this year that is sure to please golfers and fitters alike. Tuning in the golf ball is real art to unlock maximum performance and for golfers with certain needs, this is a brilliant fit. A nice complement to the brand’s other golf balls.

Maxfli SoftFli Golf Balls

What They Say: Stick scoring shots closer to the pin with SoftFli Golf Balls. Maxfli’s softest golf ball features a 35 compression rating and delivers a blend of soft feel and greenside control. The soft ionomer blend cover outfitted with a 332 dimple pattern further promotes soft feel while generating more consistent flight for all swing speeds. A 2-piece construction equips Maxfli® SoftFli Golf Balls.

Our Thoughts: A brand largely unknown to many of today’s golfers but still carries weight for their heritage. These balls are among the best values you can find out there at less than $30 Canadian. A quality ball for an affordable price for the everyday golfer.

Srixon Z-Star XV

What They Say: For 2021, the new Z-STAR XV features a reformulated inner core for heightened resilience, leading to improved ball speed and distance without sacrificing feel. This allows players to push their distance to the limit and take advantage of high levels of greenside control.

Our Thoughts: Experience shows these to be a durable performer, ideal for a golfer who wants a premium product with a slightly firmer feel and higher ball speed.

2021 Z-Star XV & Z-Star

TaylorMade TP5x

What They Say: TP5x is our fastest and longest Tour ball, featuring a 5-layer design with four increasingly stiff layers enclosed in cast urethane. It delivers unmatched performance off the tee and on the approach, without sacrificing feel on the scoring shots.

Our Thoughts: If a golfer is chasing speed and a higher apex on their ball flight, then this model is the one they need to look at in the TaylorMade product array. This edition is slightly softer than the previous version.

TaylorMade TP5x

Titleist ProV1

What They Say:  New Pro V1 offers the greatest combination of speed, spin and feel in the game, providing the best fit for the majority of golfers. Pro V1 flies lower than Pro V1x with a penetrating trajectory and has a very soft feel.

Our Thoughts: The gold standard for the industry. Dependable quality control with subtle enhancements with each variation. Hard to go wrong if you want the most from your game.

Titleist ProV1


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