In “The Oven” at Nike Golf

It’s nearly 2 a.m. here in Orlando and despite the fact that I started the day in Ft. Worth, Texas and I am ready for bed I thought a quick post was in order.

I will have more to share about my whirlwhind last two days at Nike Golf’s Research and Development facility in Texas but for now I will leave you with a couple images.  I captured many more and a lot of great stories since sunday night but those will have to wait for a time when I am a little more refreshed.

“The Oven”, as it is affectionately known, impressed me even more than when I first visited in 2006.  Their facility has received a major upgrade, both indoors, and out.  In fact Nike Golf staff says the renovations are the single largest capital development the company has ever made.  It is all part of their commitment to making products to help golfers perform better.

Here are few teaser shots of “The Oven” for you with a promise of more to come.  All images are Copyright protected and any unauthorized use will be subject to prosecution.  I hate to write that but more than a few of our images published in 2006 were “borrowed” without permission.

The Oven 2010 (26)The Oven 2010 (2)

The Oven 2010 (44)

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