Incredible Ace Closes Out Junior Tournament

Conor Hache (left) and Adam Searle (right) pose with the ball that Searle used to make a hole in one to win the playoff at the Smuggler's Glen Junior Invitational

It had already been a full day at the Smuggler’s Glen Junior Invitational on Monday.  The field of junior golfers had pushed daylight to the limits due to two rain delays so when it turned out that a playoff was necessary to determine a champion, tournament convener and Head Professional Doug Wark was a little concerned about just how much extra golf Adam Searle and Conor Hache could get in.

Both golfers had posted impressive scores of 69 to earn their way into the playoff.  With daylight more than faded Wark decided to send the pair off the short par three, 10th hole for the playoff in hopes that an outcome would sway in the favour of one player fairly quickly.  Did it ever!

A coin was tossed to determine the order of play with Searle winning the right to play the first shot.  Adam says the yardage was 123 but he was playing it for 113 yards due to the elevated tee.  The Bay of Quinte member then stepped up at the hole known as “bullseye” and made his play.  He describes the moment in an email that his coach Steve Auger shared with Flagstick.   “I get to go first, with a huge gallery watching, hit a perfect 54 degree wedge with a nice boring draw, it lands 10 ft behind the pin, left of the hole, and sucks back into the cup! I won in a playoff with a HOLE IN ONE! Everybody went nuts, it was the most crazy thing ever! ”  It was an ace that Hache could not match and with that likely the shortest playoff in Eastern Ontario golf history was over.

As amazing as the ace was it was just a part of an incredible two days in golf for Searle.  The night before, playing at his home course, he had actually made his first hole in one ever.  He had taken just one shot to play the new 150-yard, ninth hole at Bay of Quinte.  That’s right; two aces in two days – the second in a tournament playoff!  Searle himself called it “pretty unreal.”

Unreal indeed but a golf memory for Searle that will stay with him for a long, long time.

As Searle won the overall low gross for the field Hache, a Picton Golf and Country Club member who happens to also work at Bay of Quinte Golf Club, earned the top spot in the Junior Division.

The low scoring Juvenile-aged player was Mitch King of Cataraqui with a 76 while Michael Beneteau of Camden Braes was the best Bantam-aged player with a 76.

Girls’ low gross went to Abbie Aghelescue of Cataraqui.  She shot 84 on the day.

Smuggler’s Glen Golf Course
FIELD LOW GROSS Home Course Score
Adam Searle Bay of Quinte 69
BANTAM BOYS Home Course Score Mock Money Winnings
1 Michael Beneteau Camden Braes 76 $200,000
2 Dallas krueger Pine Ridge 84 $150,000
3 James Pero Picton 87 $100,000
4 Sam Roy Oak Hills 87 $70,000
5 Jacob Fisher Oak Hills 88 $60,000
6 Andrew Beneteau Camden Braes 89 $50,000
7 Tye Eaton Picton 90 $50,000
8 Matthew Chow Cataraqui 93 $30,000
9 Kyle Steacy Picton 94 $20,000
10 Mack Hancock Amherstview 94 $10,000
JUVENILE LOW GROSS Home Course Score Mock Money Winnings
1 Mitchell King Cataraqui 76 $200,000
2 Petrer Beneteau Camden braes 77 $150,000
3 lucas Travers Colanade 77 $100,000
4 Jesse Hogan Cataraqui 78 $70,000
5 Michael Whiteland 78 $60,000
6 Alex Maghar Trillium Woods 78 $60,000
7 Graham Gorgerat Pine Ridge 78 $40,000
8 Adam Dowdall Cataraqui 79 $30,000
9 Jamaal Moussoui Cataraqui 79 $20,000
10 Carter Kelly Cataraqui 81 $10,000
JUNIORS LOW GROSS Home Course Score Mock Money Winnings
1 Connor Hache Bay of Quinte 69 $200,000
2 Echo Chan Landings 73 $150,000
3 Jameson Hough Bay of Quinte 74 $100,000
4 Clayton Presant 76 $100,000
5 Troy Coltman Bay of Quinte 79 $60,000
6 Rilley Kehoe Trillium Woods 80 $50,000
7 Atef Shah Bay of Quinte 80 $40,000
8 Jamie Nicholas Bay of Quinte 80 $30,000
9 Mike Henry Cataraqui 82 $30,000
10 Josh Travers Colonade 83 $30,000
GIRLS LOW GROSS Home Course Score Mock Money Winnings
1 Abbie Anghelescue Cataraqui 84 $200,000
2 Harper Tallon Cataraqui 104 $150,000
3 Kylee Rodrigues Cataraqui 106 $100,000
4 Breanna Shannon Oak Hills 118 $70,000
5 Diana McDonald Landings 124 $60,000


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