Is Your Putter Right For You?

by Paul Aitken, CPGA Professional, Timber Ridge GC

When golfers are asked what club they would like to have custom fitted most of them say the driver.  In fact very few people choose their putter as an important club to have fitted.  Putting is often overlooked and not regarded as an important component of the game.  The truth is putting can account for nearly half of the strokes taken in one round.

When being fitted for a putter, four elements need to be considered: length, lie, loft and style.  The length and lie are the first elements to consider when looking at putters.  The length of the putter depends on the individuals set up position.  When you have taken your set up, your eyes should be in a position directly over the golf ball.  If the sole of the putter is resting flush on the ground while in your set up position, the length and lie of the putter are suited for you.  If the toe or the heel of the putter is off the ground while in this position you will need to adjust the lie of the putter.

Once you have determined the proper length and lie you require, you then need to look at loft and style.  The optimal loft of a putter is between two to four degrees.  Loft can vary from putter to putter and can be impacted by an individual’s hand position.  Putters can be purchased with varying degrees of offset to accommodate all putting styles.  Finally, you will need to select the style of putter you are going to use.  Your decision needs to be based on preference.  Choose a putter that fits all of the above criteria but make sure that it is visually appealing.  You want to have a putter in your hands that will give you confidence.

You can miss golf shots by yards all day long and still score well but if you are missing putts by inches all day – that is a different story.  Take some time and get custom fitted for a putter.  It will be the best investment you will make for your golf game this year.

Good golfing and see you on the course.

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