Isabella Ferguson – The Kevin Haime Junior Golfer Of The Month for July/August

Isabella Ferguson (Submitted)

Isabella Ferguson, who plays at the eQuinelle Golf Club in Kemptville, Ontario is the third winner of the Kevin Haime Junior Golfer of the Month, a bursary presented by the Kevin Haime Junior Golf Initiative in partnership with Flagstick Golf Magazine.

Prospective winners (ages 9-17) are asked to apply and share detail of their involvement with golf and why they should be the “Kevin Haime Junior Golfer of the Month.” Four golfers will be chosen this year to coincide with issues of Flagstick Golf Magazine print issues that come out during the golf season.

Not only will they receive public recognition, they will also be awarded a $500 bursary from the Kevin Haime Junior Golf Initiative to help support their golfing goals, whether that be coaching, equipment, golf fees, or tournament and travel expenses.

Among recent group of submissions, the one by 12-year-old Isabella stood out. It read, in part (edited for space limitations):

“Golf is unlike all other sports. It’s not about trying to get to the finish line before everyone else or trying to score a goal before the other team can score on you. Golf is a subtle, rhythmic game that’s only about competing against the course.

Some of my friends at school ask me why I love it so much and how come it took me so long to get my swing to where it is now. The truth is, golf is just so addictive and fun. When I hit a good shot, it makes me feel like 8 years of hard work really did pay off. That’s one reason why I love golf so much. It’s that feeling of pure satisfaction.

Although golf is an individual sport, it’s very difficult to do it all yourself. I need people to coach me, caddy for me, support me, and most of all, love me unconditionally. My mom and dad both caddy for me and give me endless support when I need it most. My coaches are always sure to keep me on the right track as well (my dad too), and give me plenty of support.

Even though I love to play and compete on the course, I have to practice too. I practice all year round, all four seasons. My home course is eQuinelle and in the spring and summer I practice at Kevin Haime’s driving range. In the winter and fall, I practice at the Ottawa Athletic Club. Golf requires commitment – I spend many hours of my week just trying to get a little better. However, golf is all about baby steps and can sometimes get frustrating – there are many challenges to overcome. It’s important to stay positive on and off the golf course. One of my goals for this year is to keep resilient, and so far, it’s been helping a lot with my golf game.

I participate in a lot of tournaments – in the last two years I’ve played in 50 tournaments if not more, so it can get expensive.

Golf means so much to me and has developed me not only as a golfer but also as a person. My dream is that I will never stop playing golf and will continue to love it as much as I do now.”

Isabella says the bursary will allow her to continue playing in tournaments and doing what she enjoys.

Congratulations to Isabella and we hope this Kevin Haime Junior Golfer of the Month Award will help you achieve your goals in golf.


Juniors wishing to apply to be the Kevin Haime Junior Golfer of the Month can visit Flagstick.com to see suggestions on content for their application.

Prospective winners should include information about where they play, how long they have been playing, how often they play, what golf means to them and why, and why they feel they should be chosen as the “Kevin Haime Junior Golfer of The Month.” They should also share why they need the bursary and what they expect to be spending the money on, as well as a synopsis of their dreams and goals when it comes to golf.

Entries should be submitted to jbauder@flagstick.com and include all your contact information.



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