Josh Whalen Wins On Toronto Players Tour

Josh Whalen (right) earns the top prize at the Sobeys Open Championship. (Photo: Toronto Players Tour)

Josh Whalen of Napanee, Ontario picked up a pro win on Thursday on the Toronto Players Tour.

The Kent State graduate and former Team Canada National Team member toured The Quarry Golf Club in 136 strokes over two windy days in Ennismore, Ontario, northwest of Peterborough.

Whalen overcame a two-stroke deficit to a trio of players after round one and surged past the field with a closing 66 (-6) to end the tournament at eight under par.

It was a dramatic closing sequence for Whalen who recorded an eagle on the 17th hole and a birdie on the last in the final round. That allowed him to surpass three players by a single shot – Austin Ryan, Jesse Smith, and Michael Gonko.

For his effort Whalen earned a first place prize of $6,000.

Final Leaderboard

To Par
1Josh Whalen-87066136$6,000.00600.00
T2Austin Ryan-77364137$2,216.67370.00
T2Jesse Smith-77067137$2,216.67370.00
T2Michael Gonko-76968137$2,216.67370.00
T5Brendan Leonard-66969138$1,500.00255.00
T5Mark Hoffman-67068138$1,500.00255.00
7Alan Mclean-56871139$1,200.00210.00
T8Lucas Kim-47367140$925.00165.00
T8Freddy D’Angelo-47070140$925.00165.00
10Riley Goss-36873141$750.00120.00
11Thomas Code-27171142$675.0090.00
T12Mathew Iceton-17370143$575.0056.25
T12Cooper Brown-16875143$575.0056.25
T14Jackson BoweryE7569144$190.0032.70
T14Mitch SuttonE7470144$190.0032.70
T14Keaton VeilletteE7470144$190.0032.70
T14Lee SewardE7272144$190.0032.70
T14Luke MoserE7272144$190.0032.70
T19JJ Regan+17372145$0.0016.50
T19John Maley+17273145$0.0016.50
T19Chris Wilson+17174145$0.0016.50
T19Tyler Hull (a)+16976145$0.0016.50
T23Keaton Jones+37572147$0.007.25
T23Ryan Borg+37572147$0.007.25
T23Nolan Pierce+37473147$0.007.25
T23James Seymour+36978147$0.007.25
T27Stephen Gonko+47969148$0.003.00
T27Mac Carter+47771148$0.003.00
T27Spencer Gates+47177148$0.003.00
T30Jay Mark+57475149$0.000.50
T30Sudarshan Yellamaraju+57178149$0.000.50
32Cameron Kellet (a)+67476150$0.000.00
T33Luke McLean+77972151$0.000.00
T33Brendan Seys+77378151$0.000.00
T35Kevin Gordon+87775152$0.000.00
T35Nicholas Marchese (a)+87676152$0.000.00
T35Ryan Trapp+87676152$0.000.00
38Noah Campbell+97677153$0.000.00
39Matt Phillips+107678154$0.000.00
40Alexis Clement+117679155$0.000.00
T41Colin MacGregor+128274156$0.000.00
T41Cody Clark+127977156$0.000.00
T41Nic Powell+127878156$0.000.00
T41Craig Conroy+127680156$0.000.00
T45Gavin MacIver+138176157$0.000.00
T45Matt Scobie+138077157$0.000.00
T45Nate Oke+137582157$0.000.00
48Owen Gauder (a)+148573158$0.000.00
T49Dan Kavanagh (a)+158376159$0.000.00
T49Tyler Sabatino (a)+158079159$0.000.00
T49Jordan Shanks+157980159$0.000.00
52James Allison+168278160$0.000.00
53Andrew Oke+187983162$0.000.00
T54Blake Mackey+198677163$0.000.00
T54Jaxon Shelton+198479163$0.000.00
56Jim McDivitt+227888166$0.000.00
57Thomas Sebastiano (a)+268783170$0.000.00
58Patrick Wong+319283175$0.000.00
59Jordan Lisko+339087177$0.000.00
60Nick Kerr (a)+61105100205$0.000.00