Learn From The Pros: Swing In Balance

by Linda Shephard, CPGA Head Professional, Barcovan Golf Club

CPGA Professional Linda Shephard is a champion golf.  As the winner on the 2005 BMO Canadian Women’s Tour, a multiple-time champion Ontario PGA Champion, and with many appearances at major LPGA Tour events, she, like the players you can see every week on the LPGA Tour, a great example for your own golf game.

You can learn a lot from the pros, just by watching their swings on television or taking a closer look at photos of them.

One primary thing many players struggle with is the consistency of their shots, especially making solid contact with the ball each time they swing.  To do so you must have a repeating motion that delivers the ball to the club head successfully each time.  When control your body and how it moves, you control the club head and how it strikes the ball as a result.

One reason most amateurs do not achieve this is because they swing too hard and get out of balance, altering the path of their golf swing away from what it should be.  Swinging fast to create potential power is one thing, but if you cannot make good contact with the ball your efforts will be wasted.

A good indication of balance is how stable you are on your feet during your swing motion.  In the loading motion when most of your weight is supported by the rear foot that foot should form a solid base of support as you coil the upper body to create power.  Never compromise this balance.

As Linda delivers the club to the ball on the downswing, even as great force is created you will see that she transfers her weight easily on to her forward foot smoothly while maintaining perfect balance.

Next you time you play or practice, remember Linda Shephard’s swing and the balance she shows.  Only swing as fast as you can while maintaining proper balance and better ball striking should result.

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