Lisa “Longball” Makes A Stopover In the National Capital

Lisa "Longball" Vlooswyk, GolfTown Ottawa Trainyards, 2020 (Photo: Joe McLean)

If enthusiasm for the game of golf could be bottled and sold, Calgary’s Lisa Vlooswyk would be a very rich lady.

Standing in front of a massive crowd at Golf Town in the Ottawa Train Yards, at 500 Terminal Avenue on Thursday, March 5th, Lisa hosted a free women’s golf clinic, giving an abundance of tips on how to hit a ball better and longer.

Her energy level, as always, was off the scale and appreciated and applauded by everyone in attendance. 

Lisa uses her nickname “Longball” in her professional capacity and comes by the nickname honestly. She is an eight-time Canadian Long Drive Champion and a fifteen-time World Long Drive Finalist.

But that’s not Lisa’s complete resume.

Her @LisaLongball Twitter description is, “8-Time Canadian Long Drive Champion, Callaway Golf & Golf Town sponsored athlete, Golf Entertainer, Golf Journalist, Keynote Speaker and most importantly a Mom.”

 As a member of the Golf Journalists Association of Canada (GJAC) she writes for various outlets and she is a much sought-after Keynote Speaker throughout North America at conventions and conferences. 

In fact, Lisa was the Keynote Speaker at the Women’s Business Network Conference in Ottawa on March 4th. In a follow-up Tweet afterward, she said – “The 4 pillars of the Conference were Connect, Learn, Inspire & Celebrate! This day was all that & more! Love these women.” 

Spots on her hosted golf camps in the United States and Canada throughout the year are always sought after.

Flagstick caught up with Lisa at her Ottawa Train Yards Golf Town clinic and asked her about her goals in her clinics and more broadly in life as well as what enjoyment she receives while speaking and performing during her clinics. 

Clinic Goals

“The goals for these clinics are twofold,” Vlooswyk shared with Flagstick.com. “One, the women who are already playing golf I want to give them tips to hit the ball longer, straighter and better, because if they do those things they’ll enjoy golf more. They can get balls up in the air where they travel longer and then you have less yardage into the green and this makes the game a little more fun. That’s one purpose. The second purpose is to get brand new people into the game. My clinics are very safe because you don’t actually have to swing a golf club. My clinics are fun, you get the fundamentals; you get enough to get started at the driving range and then hopefully go see your PGA of Canada professional to start taking lessons and hopefully join a ladies league so we can get brand new golfers into the game.”


“You know what I notice Joe. I notice the smiles on their faces and they look like they’re really enjoying it. So I feed off that energy. I see the crowd having fun, smiling, laughing, but I can also tell that they’re learning and to me that’s the greatest high. A lot of people don’t know that I was a former school teacher. I taught mostly grade five and six and a little junior high language, arts and social studies. So I believe that teaching is a vocation and a calling. So for me I can still teach but in a different venue and in a different way.”

Men Welcome

“Golf Town does ladies clinics because we want women to know that we’re doing something for them. That being said, Golf Town is inclusive and not exclusive so if any guys come they’re more than welcome to join. I just had a guy reach out this winter from Florida and he said ‘Lisa, I’m now hitting it longer than all the guys in my group.’ I’m glad that I’m also helping men out there in hitting the ball further.”

2020 Goals

“I’m going into my 20th year at the World Long Drive Championships. I have been the only mom competing on the Long Drive Tour. As a minimum goal, I’m looking at top ten in the world as a base goal. I’d like to see myself top five as the top eight get televised coverage and I’m still going after that goal of winning the World Long Drive Championship. I’m feeling good and strong and that’s the big title I’ve always wanted to take home.”

Of course, as much as Lisa loves to compete, rounding out her life is just as key for her, and part of the message she continually shares.

“On the personal side, I’m a mom. So being a hockey mom and being part of my son’s life and watching him grow, I’m completely into his life. In six years, he’ll be leaving home. Right?  On my other side, I want to do more keynote speaking. I’m passionate about keynote speaking at conferences and conventions and I would really like to grow that side of myself.”

Undoubtedly, Lisa will make that happen. Spend some time with her and you’ll likely feel just as motivated to chase down your own goals.

Her brand of energy is contagious so if she happens to be in your town for a speaking engagement in the future, don’t hesitate to check it out.

Lisa Longball will be at the Golf Town store in Kingston on March 6th, with her presentation starting at 6:30 p.m.



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