Two Aces This Year…And He’s 10!

Ottawa, Ontario – A good news golf story during this period of Covid.

In a normal year, the McMahon family would have been balancing Spring Hockey with Competitive Soccer throughout the summer for their son Mason. This year, it was golf and fishing for 10-year-old Mason who joined the Ottawa Hunt club in July and got out to play as much as possible.

So how did it go? Judge for yourself.

During his rounds of golf this summer, Mason scored two holes-in-one. Yes, two.

The first was on September 8th on the 7th hole at Stonebridge Golf Club. He scored the perfect shot from the white tees with a 4 hybrid from 137 yards. The second was on October 15th off the green tees on the 4th hole on the West course at the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club. A 7 iron did the trick from 110 yards.

Tyler Fitzgerald, Head Professional at the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club, reached out to Flagstick Golf Magazine with the above information as he thought it would be an interesting story for our readers. We agreed.

Flagstick Golf Magazine reached out through Mason’s father, Mark, with some questions for this up and coming young golfer.

FGM – Who else in your family plays golf?

Mason – “My mom and dad and sometimes my sister.” 

FGM – How long have you been playing golf?

Mason – “I think since I was four?”

Mark indicated that Mason has played here and there from ages 4-8, “He played more regularly in the last two years including joining the Boys club these past two summers and becoming a member at the Hunt in July. Spring hockey was cancelled this year and golf was a safe COVID sport so we had more time to golf this spring and summer. Over the course of this summer Mason went from teeing up the ball all the way down the fairway to posting enough official scores to have an official Golf Canada Handicap.”

More with Mason…

FGM – Have you ever come close to a hole-in-one in the past?

Mason: “Nothing closer than 10 feet other than the two these last two months.”

FGM – What were your thoughts / feelings when the ball went into the hole on both occasions?

Mason on the first hole-in-one: “I didn’t expect it, and we couldn’t see the hole. The ball was low and rolled up. I didn’t know it went in until we got to the green and my friend (Lukas) looked in the hole and started screaming.”

Mason on his second hole-in-one: “I hit a high seven iron and knew it was a pretty good shot.  It landed, bounced and was heading right for the pin. I yelled pretty loud.”

Mark: ”Yeah, he yelled so loud that my friends on the next hole started yelling back at him congratulating him.”

FGM – What do you enjoy about the game of golf?

Mason: “I enjoy playing with my friends, having fun, and getting better.”

FGM – How many rounds did you play this summer?

Mason: “I think, probably, like a hundred.”

Mark clarified that Mason played about 60 rounds of 9 holes and 10 rounds of 18 holes with his Wilson clubs and his Vice or Kirkland golf balls.

FGM – Do you plan to play more golf in the future?

Mason: “Yes, sir.”

Mark added that we’re hoping yes, just like this summer. Mason will play as many Play Junior Golf Tour events (a regional junior circuit) as possible next summer.

So there you have it. A young man just starting out that has already accomplished what most golfers dream of in recording his two holes-in-one. Even more important is that Mason has the time to play golf with his friends and family and, judging by his last answer, he is enthusiastic about the game and looking forward to golf next year.

Congratulations to Mason and we thank you and your family for sharing your exciting story with the golf community.

Mason McMahon (Submitted photo)


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