Masters Dreams Can Come True

One of the greatest attractions of Masters week is the Augusta National Golf Club itself. So green, so perfect, so memorable that few golfers on the planet would not leap at an invitation to play it at just about any cost.

Over the years I have heard many a tale about playing Augusta National, an ultra -exclusive club where few can ever dream to play.  There was a young college student who played as part of an annual visit by his golf team.  There was the humble businessman trying to play the top 100 golf courses in America. And then there was the Lobster Fisherman.

Yep, that is what I said – a lobster fisherman.

As many readers have become aware over the years, I have a strong a family tie with Prince Edward Island.  My ancestors arrived there more than 200 years ago.  Many of those that first arrived in P.E.I. settled on the east side of the island, near the community of  Murray Harbour.  A very small community with a tradition of Lobster fishing, among the families that joined my own there were the Richards.

Easily the most famous person to come out of Murray Harbour has been NHL player Brad Richards.  Not only is Richards skilled on skates but he enjoys golf as well.  And it was through him that his father, Glen Richards, a simple Lobster fisherman, came to play the famed Augusta National Golf Club.

In this week of The Masters the Charlottetown Guardian newspaper picked up the story.

It’s a nice tale of how one man from a tiny little Canadian province made his golfing dreams come true.

And if a Lobster fisherman can get to play the famed golf cathedral in the pines, it only fuels that dreams that one dayit might be possible for every other Augusta dreamer.



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