Allen McGee Wins OVGA Men’s Masters

Allen McGee (File Photo - Scott MacLeod)

The eQuinelle Golf Club has been very good to Allen McGee. The 8-time Ottawa Valley Golf Association (OVGA) City & District Champion co-holds the competitive course record (65), won the Flagstick Open there in 2014 and now he has won yet another title at the Kemptville, Ontario golf course.

McGee, representing the Stittsville Golf Course, turned in a bogey free round on July 12 to win the OVGA Men’s Masters title in a close battle with Rob Knights of the Greyhawk Golf Club.

The eventual champion made the turn at just one under par but got things rolling on the back nine. He made an eagle on the short par 5, 11th hole and then closed with three birdies in the final four holes to post a 66.

Matching McGee with a score of 31 on the back nine was Rob Knights, but a single bogey on his card, on the par 5, 6th hole kept him from forcing a playoff and an opportunity for him to win the title another time. He shot 67.

Paul Ridyard of Hylands Golf Club finished in third place with a score of 69 (-3).

Full Leaderboard

Pos Player +/- Thru Total
1 Allen McGee  Stittsville Golf Course -6 F 66
2 Rob Knights  GreyHawk GC -5 F 67
3 Paul Ridyard  Hylands Golf Club -3 F 69
4 Todd Pearson  Casselview -1 F 71
T5 Dru Lafave  Kanata G&CC E F 72
T5 John Taylor  Public Golfer-Golf Québec E F 72
T5 Derek Maclean  Pakenham Highlands GC E F 72
T5 Dan Tapp  GreyHawk GC E F 72
T9 Robert G Irvine  Meadows GC +1 F 73
T9 Kevin Mulvihill  Sand Point GC +1 F 73
T11 Al Costello  Lombard Glen G&CC +2 F 74
T11 Marc Blais  Pine View GC +2 F 74
T11 Norm Hotte  Meadows GC +2 F 74
T11 Richard McGrath  Kanata G&CC +2 F 74
T11 Stan Hogan  Mont Ste-Marie +2 F 74
T16 Pierre Lauzon  Rockland GC +3 F 75
T16 Lyle Alexander  Greensmere G&CC +3 F 75
T16 John Hunt  Stonebridge GC +3 F 75
T19 Martin Wells  Cedarhill +4 F 76
T19 Ken Watson  Carleton Golf & Yacht +4 F 76
T19 Norm Baird  Greensmere G&CC +4 F 76
T19 Bill Mason  Mississippi +4 F 76
T19 Larry Morin  Rivermead GC +4 F 76
T24 Ben Allen  Sand Point GC +5 F 77
T24 John Ackehurst  Sand Point GC +5 F 77
T24 Joseph Pethes  Rivermead GC +5 F 77
T24 Chris Korim  Rideau View GC +5 F 77
T28 Brent Clifford  Pembroke +6 F 78
T28 Robin Smith  Pembroke +6 F 78
T28 Peter Beerli  Mississippi +6 F 78
T28 Mike Kelly  Pakenham Highlands GC +6 F 78
T32 John Albert  Meadows GC +7 F 79
T32 Jeff Moore  Rideau View GC +7 F 79
T32 Rod Gilks  ClubEG +7 F 79
T32 Mike Poloni  Greensmere G&CC +7 F 79
T32 Denis Perron  Camelot G & CC +7 F 79
T37 Andre Lepine  Meadows GC +8 F 80
T37 Jeff McCormick  Sand Point GC +8 F 80
T37 Andre Charlebois  Rockland GC +8 F 80
T37 Perry Freda  Madawaska +8 F 80
T41 David Knight  Hylands Golf Club +9 F 81
T41 Steve Isbell  Rivendell Golf Club +9 F 81
T41 John Stokes  Pakenham Highlands GC +9 F 81
T41 Michael Farquharson  Rideau View GC +9 F 81
T45 Tom Vickers  Perth GC +10 F 82
T45 Michael Creighton  Perth Golf Course +10 F 82
T45 Carlo Bossio  Fairmont Le Château Monte +10 F 82
T45 Darryl Harris  Metcalfe G&CC +10 F 82
T45 Marc Ffrench  Sand Point GC +10 F 82
T50 Roy Medaglia  Nation View +11 F 83
T50 Farzin Hanifi  Pine View GC +11 F 83
T50 Matt Heney  Perth Links O’Tay +11 F 83
T50 Peter Mayo  The Marshes GC +11 F 83
54 Mark Payment  eQuinelle Golf Club +12 F 84
T55 Wenqin Shao  Manderley On The Green +13 F 85
T55 Mark Sullivan  Rideau View GC +13 F 85
T55 Denis Raymond  Public Golfer-Golf Québec +13 F 85
58 Marc Beauvais  Sand Point GC +14 F 86
59 Pierre Beaulne  Hautes Plaines +15 F 87
T60 Ronald Pagé  Falcon Ridge GC +16 F 88
T60 Eric McPhee  Hylands Golf Club +16 F 88
T60 Moe Proulx  Vieux Moulins +16 F 88
T63 Pat O’Flaherty  Sand Point GC +17 F 89
T63 Ron Chisholm  Nationview GC +17 F 89
T63 Bill Cox  Pakenham Highlands GC +17 F 89
T66 Johnny Gordon  GreyHawk GC +18 F 90
T66 John Ambridge  Hylands Golf Club +18 F 90
T66 Rick Barkley  Cedar Glen GC +18 F 90
T69 Pierre Pagé  Meadows GC +21 F 93
T69 Darren McCartney  Champlain +21 F 93
71 Jamie Hunter  Champlain +22 F 94