Mix & Match Thursday

Miura Golf, makers of quality irons like the CB-501, named Adam Barr as their new President this week.
Miura Golf, makers of quality irons like the CB-501, named Adam Barr as their new President this week.

It’s clear there is no such thing as an “off-season” in golf anymore.  The last few days along have seen plenty of golf news running across the wires.

– First off, a big congratulations to the Montreal Championship.  The Champions Tour recently held their year-end awards and the brand new tournament garnered the Outstanding Achievement Award, recognizing their sucess in delivering one of the best first-year events in Champions Tour history.  The 2nd edition of the tournament will play out this summer, again at the Fountainebleau GC just north of Montreal.  Congratulations to David Skitt and his team for this recognition of their work.

-Rather surprising news came down officially yesterday that former Golf Channel on-air personality Adam Barr had been named President of Miura Golf.  Title aside, it looks as if Adam will play a key role in helping the Vancouver based company primarily in an advocate and marketing role using the many contacts he has developed in 17 years around the golf equipment business.

Having met Adam more than a few times, the former practicing lawyer should be a good fit with the team at Miura and add another dynamic to a company known for high quality products but is not as visible to the general consumer as other brands.

I hope to talk with Bill Holowaty, VP of Miura Golf, and Adam himself in the coming weeks, and see what impact this will have on the direction of the company.

PING Golf has plenty of news this week.  They announced that their PING S56 irons, introduced in June, have now been used for 12 professional wins worldwide.  More intriguing news out of their camp was that John K. Solheim will take over as President of PING Golf Japan.

-Another company celebrating 12 wins is FEMCO with their KBS steel shafts being used in 12 wins in 2010 and 30 major pro tournaments since their intro just a couple years ago.  Their new KBS Stepless shaft, slated for public introductions early in 2011, should also gain them a few more wins and bit of market share once they arrive.

-I had a chance on Monday to address a Communications Class at the University of Guelph Turfgrass Management Program.  The subject was the use of Social Media tools in the golf industry.  We talked about the growing use of various Web 2.0 tools and discussed how Superintendents and Turfgrass Professionals could make use of them in their daily work life.  It was an enjoyable opportunity and I look forward to “running into” many of these future golf industry professionals on the Internet.

-Tuesday also saw Flagstick involved with our friends at GolfWRX.com in a live one hour chat with Titleist Master Craftsmen Bob Vokey.  The always affable Vokey entertained a ton of questions and provided some valuable information for the more than 150 people who tuned in.  The replay will be available at GolfWRX.com as early as this weekend.  We’ll be co-hosting another chat, this time with the people at Callaway Golf, in early December.

And lastly, and I really do mean that. It seems to be Tiger Woods week as he ramps up the marketing machine prior to the one-year anniversary of his hydrant incident that ultimately sent his house of cards toppling down.  Frankly I was more excited to see him finish 4th at the Australian Masters last week with a final round charge then I am to hear he his now using his Twitter account, is doing ESPN radio, and penning essays for Newsweek.  Just one of those might have made his PR efforts look sincere.  The compilation of them all is making many people question the sincerity of it – seeming more like an orchestarted campaign by his handlers rather than coming from El Tigre himself.  At least we can look forward to be him being available to play his Chevron World Challenge tournament in a few weeks.