Monday Swing Thoughts – Knudson Style

It’s that time of year.  As we reach the middle of February my mind tends to wander to the golf season ahead.  We used to play golf all winter long in British Columbia, where I spent my late teens, but February was always the turning point for really decent weather.  That might not be the case now that I live in Ontario but I’ve found it’s pretty hard to change that internal clock I set so long ago.

I’m not sure about you but now is the time of year I start thinking of my tournament schedule, any equipment changes I will make for the year ahead, and most of all what I will be doing to sharpen my skills based on my faults of the year past.

Golf swing theory can be a confusing thing but something I always return to is my well-worn “bible”, if you will, “The Natural Golf Swing”.  The collaboration between  Lorne Rubenstein and George Knudson is a staple by my bedside.  It was the first book that crystallized the many swing thoughts I had growing up.

Speaking of Knudson, the Canadian Tour has started to promote their heritage a little more and part of that is a video series.  The second installment just became available and it highlights none other than George Knudson.  At under two minutes the video is far from comprehensive in it’s portrayal of Knudson but hopefully it is enough to grab the interest of viewers and make them seek out more information on one of the greatest Canadians to ever play the game.

I know that as the golf seasons nears I will be personally thinking a lot more about Knudson and the swing knowledge he shared in his book.  It’s hearty far that always seems to satisfy a hungry golf mind.

Be sure to check out the Canadian Tour website at as this series progresses.  The first video in the series featured Moe Norman.

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