More Fun at Turning Stone

Although the PGA Tour will not officially confirm their 2010 PGA Schedule until critical meetings in November I am going to make a little suggestion. They need to ensure that the Turning Stone Championship is not really going to be played two weeks LATER in 2010 as I hear the plan currently is.

That is unless they want to be the first PGA Tour event to be plagued by snow since that last occurred at the 2005 BellSouth Classic. I guarantee that any of the white stuff that falls here (and it seemed imminent today) will not melt in minutes as it did that week in Georgia.

It’s fortunate that their is $6 million dollars and a first prize of $1,080,000 this week or a few golfers would probably have not even made the trip. Rich Beem might wish he hadn’t. The 2002 PGA Championship blurted a quick, “crappy weather, crappy golf,” post first round today. He reaffirmed the same sentiment a little later is a Twitter post that said pretty much the same. Shooting 80 and freezing while you do it will do that for just about any pro golfer, past major champion or not.

Players today had to deal with temperatures that were optimistically measured in the mid-40’s with rain and wind as a constant companion. It didn’t stop a few of them from posting good scores but that was likely aided by their opportunity to get their hand on the ball “through the green” – ironically for the 1st time on tour since the aforementioned 2005 BellSouth Classic. Good caddies are worth their weight in gold on days like today.

The people of Central New York have put on a world-class event since they first bailed out the tour when they played substitute host for the 2006 B.C. Open. And bringing $6 million and a world-class facility to the plate should not be ignored in a time when Commissioner Finchem himself says they expect to lose some events and sponsors in coming years.

The Turning Stone Championship and the gracious Oneida Nation that host the PGA Tour event deserve better treatment. The players love the place and I am sure they will come back year after year.

They just need a tournament date just slightly further away from Christmas.

Be a dear Tim Finchem and give it to them. Play the part of Santa, not the Grinch!