Carleton Golf & Yacht Club Founder & Developer Passes Away

Morton Kalin (Photo: Kalin Family)

One thing is for certain, Morton Kalin lived a very full and interesting life.

Kalin, the founder and developer of the Carleton Golf & Yacht Club, and the surrounding community, recently passed away (October 31) at the age of 99.

The club which, was was founded in late 1962 and became a member-owned private club five years later, continue to be a staple in Canada’s National Capital Golf Community. It has played host to various provincial and national golf championships and produced some of the best golfers in the region.

Oddly enough, the club’s roots are American in some ways, with the course and former yacht club being part of a bigger vision for a community by Kalin, who would go on to create other golf communities in his home country of the United States.

Word of his passing was shared with Carlton’s membership today, with discussion now initiated about creating a memorial for Mr. Kalin and the legacy he left on the shores of the Rideau River.

You can read his compelling and substantial obituary at this link. We encourage you to do so. He was truly a remarkable man.

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