Nationwide Tour players weigh in with their NCAA Final Four picks

On the eve of the Final Four tournament this article just came across my desk from the PGA Tour. Thought you might find it interesting. I guess it is just funny how far the Tour will go to get their members’ names in the press…

    Nationwide Tour players weigh in with their NCAA Final Four picks

    Mar. 29, 2007

    John Bush
    PGA TOUR Staff

    LIVERMORE, Calif. — Even while focusing on the task at hand at the Livermore Wine Country Championship, many of the Nationwide Tour players have a rooting interest in the NCAA Final Four. Here are some of their predictions for the games featuring Florida, Ohio State, Georgetown and UCLA:

    GUY BOROS (attended University of Iowa)

    GT/OSU: I’m a Big 10 guy, so I’ll say Ohio State.

    UF/UCLA: I live in Florida so I’ll pick the Gators. Plus, (Joakim) Noah is awfully good.

    Finals: I hate to say it, but I’ll go with Florida. The Big 10 is an overrated conference for one, plus Florida is just too good of a team all the way around. Greg Oden will get in foul trouble and that will not help their chances.

    TOM CARTER (attended Temple University)

    GT/OSU: Ohio State has an edge because they have played in more close games and are ready for a breakout game. Their guards are better too and that gives them an edge.

    UF/UCLA: Experience and big men win out. Florida wins.

    Finals: I’m going with Florida. Ohio State is too young this year and Florida has experience on their side.

    MATT JONES (attended Arizona State University)

    GT/OSU: Ohio State. Their backcourt is better than Georgetown’s and Oden is a better big man than (Roy) Hibbert.

    UF/UCLA: I’m a PAC-10 guy, so I’m picking UCLA. After losing to Florida last year, the Bruins will be ready for revenge.

    Finals: As much as I want a PAC-10 team to win it all, I don’t think UCLA has a big man that can contain Greg Oden. Ohio State is very young, but they are athletic enough to get it done.

    GREG KRAFT (attended University of Tampa)

    GT/OSU: Georgetown is faster. They run and never seem to get tired. Greg Oden’s tongue will be hanging out before the game is over.

    UF/UCLA: I’m a Florida State guy, so I don’t pull for the Gators in anything.

    Finals: Making free throws down the stretch will determine the game and I think UCLA is a better free throw-shooting team than Georgetown.

    JOEL KRIBEL (attended Stanford University)

    GT/OSU: I’d like to see Georgetown because I picked them to win it in all of my brackets, but I’m starting to think Ohio State has an angel on their shoulder after some of the close games they have pulled out. Still, I’ll say the Hoyas.

    UF/UCLA: I played in the PAC-10, so I’ll be rooting for UCLA. They’ll also have extra motivation after losing to Florida last year.

    Finals: I’ll stick with the West Coast and pick UCLA over Georgetown.

    JIM MCGOVERN (attended Old Dominion University)

    GT/OSU: For no particular reason, I’ll pick Ohio State.

    UF/UCLA: The Gators are just too strong and experienced this year.

    Finals: I’ll pick Florida over Ohio State because they have been there and done that.

    TIM O’NEAL (attended Jackson State University)

    GT/OSU: It will be a close game, but Ohio State will pull it out in the end.

    UF/UCLA: UCLA will get revenge for last year’s loss.

    Finals: Experience from last year’s championship game will be the key and the Bruins will come out on top.

    SCOTT STERLING (attended Louisiana State University)

    GT/OSU: This game is a toss-up. But Greg Oden will be the difference, with Ohio State winning a close one.

    UF/UCLA: I’m a Southeastern Conference guy, so I’m going for the Gators.

    Finals: SEC (Florida) all the way. This will be a repeat of the National Championship game in football.

    OMAR URESTI (attended University of Texas)

    GT/OSU: I’m picking OSU because two of their initials are the same as mine. Too bad Old Dominion University didn’t go deeper in the tournament.

    UF/UCLA: I don’t care for Florida. UCLA was the hotter team down the stretch.

    Finals: I’m pulling for UCLA over Ohio State because the Buckeyes beat Texas this year in football.

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