New Products Out In Full Force

It’s that time of year.  Golf equipment manufacturers are starting to roll out releases for the southern winter golf season and showing what will be in shops further north as the 2011 season comes along.

We will have lots of insights on new golf products from drivers to putters, to golf shafts, to balls, in the coming months with many products already in our hands for testing and review.  A few have already surprised us while there has been a few disappointments as well.  Expects to see news on gear from Mizuno, Callaway Golf, Nike Golf, Titleist, ECCO, FootJoy, SunIce, TaylorMade and a whole bunch more through the Fall.  We’ll have stories posted here and at – the world’s largest online golf forum who we are happy to have as an editorial partner.

For today I’ll just drop word of one introduction (afterall we have a Tour Championship and FedCup Cup finale to get ready for, which includes a preview story you will see posted later today) from TaylorMade Golf.

TM recently dropped word of their Burner 2.0 irons (a number of reviews are being prepped at right now) but last night they also passed on word of a couple golf ball introductions.

Here are the details for these well-priced products.

TaylorMade Golf Introduces Burner® and Burner® Tour Balls

TaylorMade Burner Tour Ball
TaylorMade Burner Tour Ball

CARLSBAD, Calif. (September 20, 2010) – TaylorMade Golf is introducing two new golf ball models, the next-generation Burner and the all-new Burner Tour, both designed to deliver maximum distance and exceptional feel to a broad range of player types. The Burner ball promotes extraordinary distance through high launch and longer carry; the Burner Tour’s soft and thin cover promotes softer feel, higher spin and increased control.

“When we designed the Burner and Burner Tour, we developed core formulations that promote maximum velocity, which translates to maximum distance,” said Dean Snell, senior director of golf ball research and development. “To achieve a significant improvement in greenside spin and performance in Burner Tour, we’ve employed the softest and thinnest two-piece cover of any TaylorMade ball. With the new Burner, the goal was to limit driver-spin and promote maximum carry, which could only be accomplished by combining a soft core and slightly firmer cover.”

REACT® Core for Phenomenally Fast Yet Incredibly Soft Performance

Both the Burner and Burner Tour golf balls incorporate TaylorMade’s proprietary REACT Core design to promote exceptionally fast ball speed while maintaining soft performance. Both employ soft core compressions, the Burner at 35 and the Burner Tour at 45. However, the Burner Tour’s thinner and softer cover reduces its overall compression below that of Burner. As a result, the Burner Tour delivers incredibly soft feel and added spin around the green.

TaylorMade Burner Golf Ball
TaylorMade Burner Golf Ball

LDP Dimple Technology Promotes Improved Lift for More Distance

TaylorMade’s Low-Drag Performance (LDP) aerodynamics have been incorporated into the premium 342 LDP dimple pattern used in both the Burner and Burner Tour, which promotes improved lift for more distance.

Softer Yet More Durable IothaneTM Cover

Although the Burner and Burner Tour incorporate slightly different cover properties — the Burner employs an IothaneTM 60D cover while the Burner Tour employs an even softer Iothane 57D cover — both are exceptionally soft and resilient while also offering outstanding durability and shear-resistance.

Pricing and Availability

The Burner and Burner Tour become available at retail starting on Friday, October 15. Street price is $24.99 CAD per dozen Burner and $29.99 CAD per dozen Burner Tour.

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