First Look: New Vokey SM7 Wedges Are A Triple Threat

Bob Vokey SM7

One of the greatest testaments to Bob Vokey and the wedges he crafts is the number of players that trust their professional success to them. That is especially true when you see how many of those pros are not paid to so do.

The tour is the laboratory for Bob Vokey and his right hand man, Aaron Dill, and from that research space they push forward new design ideas. In time they reach the consumer as well, and today is the that the latest of those innovations is revealed. They come in the form of the Vokey SM7 wedges that will be available at retail on March 9th.

“One thing I know from working with tour players the last 20-plus years is that they won’t put a new wedge in play unless it’s better,” said Master Craftsman Bob Vokey. “Every time we come out with a new one, we have to prove it. I can’t tell you how many times over the last couple years players asked me and Aaron (Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill) how we were going to make something better than SM6. Based on how quickly guys are switching to SM7, we know we’ve done it.”

So quick has it been? Titleist tells us that it took two weeks after their introduction on Tour last Fall at the Shriners Hospital for Childrens Open, they become the number one played model of wedges on tour.

The latest version of the iconic Vokey wedges are dripping with changes, subtle but significant. They cover three areas of performance.

That includes, “increased shot versatility with expanded fitting options, improved distance and trajectory control and more spin through the following key advancements.”

The fitting variable is that there are now six sole grinds offered – the F, S, M, K, L and the new D grind. The D grind is considered a “player’s high bounce wedge”. It features a high measured bounce with the crescent shape of the M Grind for shot making versatility.

To further enhance performance the tolerances have been increased on the Spin Milled cutting of the grooves, with Titleist claiming up an extra 100 rpms as a result.

For the plated wedges, the Tour Chrome and Brushed Steel finishes, a new process enhances the groove creation for more spin as well.

As with the successful SM6 wedges previously available, each loft has a customized centre of gravity to promote better trajectory control, while each wedge receives a proprietary heat treatment to help retain face friction for a longer time.

Further highlights:

SM7 FINISHES: New SM7 wedges are available in three finishes (Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel and Jet Black). Tour Chrome retains its popular bright chrome finish. The darker Brushed Steel finish is richer and slightly more polished when compared to the Steel Gray offered in SM6, while maintaining a non-glare finish in the playing position. The raw Jet Black has been enhanced with black paint fill in the logos and graphics, inspired by requests received on tour by Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill.

ADVANCED PERSONALIZATION AND CUSTOM OPTIONS: SM7 wedges can be custom ordered with a wide range of specifications and personalization, including an industry-leading selection of shafts, grips, shaft bands, ferrules, stamping and paint fill. For a complete list of personalization and custom options, visit Vokey.com.

AVAILABILITY: Vokey Design SM7 wedges are available in golf shops beginning March 11.